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Own Honor and Unleash

Own Honor and Unleash


The Event was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! More details to follow... Continue Reading

I’ve been quite sick

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been quite ill. Part of the time was a bad cold/flu that knocked me out. The other part was a deeper layer of transformation that I’ve been undergoing, which I’ve come to appreciate as part of the process of being a feminine leader birthing something new. With each year that I host  “Own, Honor and Unleash™”  – which is a very different event each and every time - I "go through" the workshop before you do. That means that this has been a deep time of owning, honoring and unleashing for me too! I’m so very grateful and it’s all really exciting! There’s huge energy moving right now. Something very spectacular is happening, and changing and birthing.   I sense you’re feeling it too. Much is Continue Reading

Are you a mama bear?

This is a photo of a Mama Bear wood carving that a dear client recently gave to me that sits on my desk. She said “this is who you are for me.” I was so touched. I love this little guy and I love that I’m a Mama Bear!   My ‘nearest and dearest’, including my clients, know this about me (though sometimes they hate me for it, which used to make me cringe, but now makes me smile). I am stand for you and what I believe in like nobody’s business. When I’m in your corner, you are fully backed. I don’t step over anything. And, I’ve learned - with lots of moments of fear, doubt, shame, concern and insecurity and then finally a big ‘to hell with it, this is who I am!’ – to be unapologetic about this fact. Why am I sharing what I Continue Reading