3 musts for your new dreams to flourish in 2015

3 musts for your new dreams to flourish in 2015

Happy New You, and Happy New Year!

What a rocking 2015 it’s already been! Peaceful, playful, restful and relaxing. Time at the beach for new beginnings, fun time with best friends and yummy food, and sacred time with the man I love and adore to dream, create, have fun and soar!TTK and GPK NY day

Yesterday morning I was working on a project in the house and had a moment when an old thought crept in – I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it was old and negative and limiting. I caught myself right away and immediately said out loud with a laugh “That’s so 2014 Tracey – just let that go!”

And I did! Just like that.

Because it ‘s a time of NEW.

This is a year filled with potential. Numerology says it’s a year of abundance and prosperity. The Chinese calendar says it’s the year of ‘sheep’ and community and collaboration.

It’s your choice to allow it to be new and fabulous, just because that’s what your heart says.

With my most amazing husband, I am blessed to guide and support what I unabashedly and unapologetically know is the most amazing community of women and our few amazing men.

I’m so inspired by the strength and courage of our community. They aren’t just talking about fulfilling their dreams and purpose, they’re living it. Boldly claiming their truth, letting go of old beliefs and doing the deep work to step out and succeed. They put their resources behind their dreams and put action behind their faith.

It’s a choice they live everyday. They choose, make the commitment and take the action. This is a conversation that we eat, live and breathe with our clients.

I want to share with you the 3 musts in order for you to thrive as well:


Fifteen years ago I lived in a lovely home with my former husband. On my wall was ‘word art’ and there were 3 words. These words were also in the signature line of my email. I received them in a meditation and have lived them ever since.

CHOOSE was the first word.

You get to choose what this year will be and bring for you. Not because of what your bank account tells you. Not because of what your spouse or friends or industry leaders say. Not because of what you didn’t do or should have done.

You get to choose because of YOU. YOUR spirit. YOUR heart. YOUR higher Self.

The first choice I encourage you to take on right now is to be unwavering in allowing this to be a NEW year. You can choose to not bring in the old stories, old fears and old tapes. It’s a choice to stay in the old conversation.

It’s a powerful choice to move into a new conversation.

As a speaker and messenger, it’s essential to have a new conversation and choose from a higher place. It’s the only way to hold the energy and space for others to grow.

The greatest opportunity we have as human beings walking this journey of consciousness is that we have the power of choice.

Will you CHOOSE your greatest desire? Will you CHOOSE your Self and your Truth?

If yes…then the next step is…



We have a saying here called “spiritual saran wrap™.” It’s when you get all ‘spiritual’ and cover up deeper truth, human ‘stuff’ and try to make things sound pretty or ‘other worldly’.

I see women in particular wrap themselves in this far too often. I see men get too ‘stuck’ in other ways too, but we don’t have a catchy name for it yet (sorry guys!)

“Spiritual saran wrap” looks like you saying “I want to do this so badly, I know this is what I need, but it’s not in the flow right now.” Saying yes to yourself but then your spouse says no or you get too scared, and then cover it up with “this just isn’t the right time and I’m ok to put this off.” There are many excuses, fears, resistance that get wrapped up in nice spiritual verbiage.

It especially comes up when making a financial investment in yourself. It shows up when your next step to really go for what you want is right smack in front of you. It’s the moment you get to choose and commit that drives up the most fear and reasons ‘why not’.

It’s ok to have the fears – that’s normal. But you face them and take them on, not wrap them in spiritual plastic and think they won’t get stinky!

When you make a choice to go for your dreams and desires, you must follow it up with a real commitment.

You commit with your resources (time, money and energy). You give yourself the best chance for success by going ‘all in’.

You become aware enough to catch yourself getting scared when in the moment that it’s human nature, fear and doubt trying to pull you back, so you commit with structure, support and accountability.

The spiritually mature understanding of this is exactly what I read this morning in the book “I declare” by Joel Osteen:

“You are closest to your victory when you face the greatest opposition.”

When you choose to go for your dreams and desires, often the fears, blocks and resistance get stronger too.

This is where the gold is!! Remember the story of “3 feet from the Gold” when the man stopped just 3 feet before hitting gold. Don’t let that be you!

Which is why there is one more step required to fulfill what you are intending for this New Year:



We are the “StreetWorkers” (as we lovingly call it) this time around. You, me, and those of us Messengers that are not sitting on the mountain top this lifetime. We’re here in the guts of it. We make our life about serving, sharing and speaking. We know this is our calling and we’re here to fulfill our GodWork.

So this time around, for you and for me, it’s about taking action.

That requires that you put all your resources behind your dreams.

If you have a strong enough desire and why, the means always shows up.


If it has shown up and you pretend like you don’t see it, or you deny it, then you are missing the gift the universe has given you to succeed.

Think and Grow Rich has a quote that we refer to often with our clients: “Opportunity often comes disguised as misfortune.”

That means that when the next step shows up to bring you closer to your desire, it will challenge you. Push you beyond your comfort zone. Require you to step up and take the risk, take the leap, and take the chance.

You can be thrown back into rationalizing ‘why not’, ‘why you can’t’ or ‘why not now’ – these are excuses that come at you from fear – or you can see the magnificent divine design at play.

You have to take action to say to God “I mean it.” When you do, and stand in your faith, more comes to you. I live it, and see it over and over with countless others. The miracles only start when you take the action towards what you truly desire and put yourself ‘on the court’. The rest are delays. God is so good that opportunities always come back around, but you will know that you betrayed yourself at some level, which often perpetuates more fear.

So the key is to take the action in front of you that is aligned with what you truly desire.

It’s simple, though not always easy: CHOOSE. COMMIT. ACT.

You have a list of new goals, new vision and new dreams for this new year.

I want you to have the greatest chance to succeed as the Feminine Leader and Messenger you’re here to be. We need you out in the world. You need you.

You’ve made big declarations and intentions for 2015.


These are the 3 steps that will get you there, with more ease and grace.

Because the waters get choppy when fear creeps in.

However, the mountains do move and seas do part when you say YES to YOU and follow through on these 3 steps.

Both George and I wish for you the most amazing new year – one that is filled with immense prosperity, perfect health, profound impact, and all of the deliciousness of living your GodWork and being the Messenger, Speaker and Leader you are here to be.

May this be your best year yet – just remember to CHOOSE, COMMIT and ACT!