About Tracey

I get in the trenches with you and bridge you to your greatness.

I’m interested in the deeper questions, the deeper truth and the deeper work.

This is where most people stop…

But it’s where our work begins.

As a scientist of human behavior and of what is ‘spoken and unspoken’, I love getting ‘under the hood’, knowing how you tick and what it really takes to transform lives by who you BE, what you SAY and how you show up as a leader and speaker.

Leadership at its core is about how you show up and the impact you have on yourself and others.

This requires self-awareness and self-mastery. This happens in the deeper work.

Most people stop short of that last 10% where the deeper work happens. They stop just short of the gold.

Not you.

I help you mine the gold so you can leverage everything you’ve done up to now and actually bring out your voice, presence and message in the way you want.

The inner and outer work of leadership and communication is our focus together.

  • My work is intimate, integrated and interactive.
  • My audience likes to go deep. And I go in with them
  • My people are out to change the world as they are changing themselves.

In our work together, I help you:

  • Gain the confidence to stand in your truth and your unique expression.
  • Uncover what makes you great without having to add anything.
  • Learn leverage your gifts to have maximum results and impact.
  • Become more brave, more confident and more clear.

I’m interested in what it takes to live in greatness, not ego.

To pull from inner strength with each disappointment.

To shine bright, express truth, passion and vision without being afraid of being too much, or not enough.

To love and lead unabashedly and be the rockstar in your own life.

My Approach

I bridge the inner and outer game of leadership, conscious communication and being a messenger with power, purpose and presence.
You learn distinctions, not a system. It’s about leading, speaking and succeeding from the inside out.

I deconstruct the old framework and what’s in the way of matching up to the desired image to illuminate and shift behaviors that inhibit success.

I bridge the ‘gap inside the gap’ so you own your magnificence and integrate your gifts, talents and strengths immediately.

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“In’Spired: The Album”

Tracey’s passion for singing and sharing messages that get you rocking to your highest expression is the driving force behind this exciting project.

There’s nothing like music to stir your soul and touch your truth. The album is set to launch this spring. Stay tuned…
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“The 7 Secret Strategies of Feminine Leadership”

Tracey’s paradigm-shifting ebook, “The Strength of Feminine Leadership: 7 Secret Strategies for Success”, teaches women the core leadership competencies that you need to succeed…but with a twist for who you are as a woman. We’re very excited to announce that this is now being offered as a 7-part course, which you can access as my gift to you directly from the homepage of this site.
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“Expose Yourself: How to Lead & Stay Feminine”

Tracey is the show host of “Expose Yourself: How to Lead and Stay Feminine,” on the Women’s Information Network and a frequent speaker at the WIN’s “Be the Change” and “Global Women’s Summits” live events. Tracey has delivered her message from international boardrooms to stages including Internet World, Digital Hollywood, CDMA, CHA and more. As a Master Trainer at Peak Potentials “Train the Trainer II” and a Speaker at The WIN’s “Be the Change” and a multitude of other events, Tracey She has shared the stage with legends as Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols and Loral Langemeier and many others.
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Founder of Amazing Women International Inc.

Tracey founded Amazing Women International out of her passion for supporting women. She knew the need for women to have such a type of training and development within a safe, fun and encouraging group of other amazing women. This organization is committed to training, creating and showcasing a community of feminine leaders around the world.
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Community Leader

Loving what she does, Tracey builds powerful partnerships with her clients and colleagues. Active in her community, she is involved in many women’s organizations including eWomen Network and local chapters, An Empowered Woman, First Tuesdays and others, a member of the Los Angeles Business Experts Network and many other groups.

Tracey is also very proud and excited to be a council member of the Women’s Speakers Association.

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In My Client’s Words

“Your ability to stand powerfully as a feminine leader and guide me through my transformation is profound. You see what others haven’t seen for or in me, and help me see myself. You are masterful, intuitive and a divine megaphone for my message until I can speak it for myself. You are so much more than a coach. My life is forever changed after working with you.” Catherine Biggers, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur