Amazing Women International

About The Company

Amazing Women International, Inc. (AWI) is a women’s leadership development organization, born from a deep passion to provide personal and leadership development to the professional woman.

With distinct and proven products and services, AWI provides valuable and meaningful tools, training, networking opportunities and individual support that can help professional women grow into the leaders they are meant to be.

Founded on years of leadership expertise and grounded in practical application, AWI takes a holistic approach to assess, encourage and educate women who want to achieve a greater understanding of themselves and their role as a leader in the business world.

We bridge the internal landscape with practical, interpersonal and business skill development to provide a customized approach to leadership, management and communication techniques from a uniquely feminine style.

AWI revolutionizes feminine leadership by teaching women how to make a positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

We want women to feel empowered to make a more substantial contribution, with greater success and impact in business, their communities and the world at large.  We provide the training, coaching and support they need to lead from their authentic core and feminine strength and to create meaningful and sustainable results.

AWI is a safe environment where female professionals can express themselves, discuss their challenges or fears and be supported by other like-minded, successful women, without fear of judgment or competition that they may find elsewhere.

It is our mission to helps women recognize their full potential as a business leader and as a woman, and help them find fulfillment, both personally and professionally.