Are you a mama bear?

This is a photo of a Mama Bear wood carving that a dear client recently gave to me that sits on my desk. She said “this is who you are for me.” I was so touched.

I love this little guy and I love that I’m a Mama Bear!  

My ‘nearest and dearest’, including my clients, know this about me (though sometimes they hate me for it, which used to make me cringe, but now makes me smile).

I am stand for you and what I believe in like nobody’s business. When I’m in your corner, you are fully backed.

I don’t step over anything.

And, I’ve learned – with lots of moments of fear, doubt, shame, concern and insecurity and then finally a big ‘to hell with it, this is who I am!’ – to be unapologetic about this fact.

Why am I sharing what I love about myself?

Because this is the key to becoming who you need to be, to have what you want, and fulfill what you’re here for. To make this year different than every year before.

Owning, claiming and loving who YOU are, even a particular aspect, is what sets you apart and makes you stand out.

You don’t have to worry what others are doing, and there is no competition, when you love who you are.

The key is to know how to use it so it’s in service and benefits your people.  Then, to keep giving and sharing the part of you that you love.

I teach this in all my programs, and it takes something to live it.

Because you have to believe in you.

This is when the Universe gets to play full out with you.  You stop settling for mediocre, and instead let miracles and magic show up on your behalf…mirroring your stand.

This is so hot and sexy!

It stretches you way beyond your comfort zone.

It is where your money resides. Where your love is pulsating. Where your GodWork soars and spreads. It’s when real work gets done. Conversations change. When the world heals, children are fed, animals treated kindly and our planet’s resources respected.

But you have to own that part of you and be ok with it. I remember back when I used to struggle with being determined and intentional. I judged that about myself, and kept it hidden as a ‘shadow’, so it had an edge. I was afraid of being pushy and unreasonable. I wasn’t okay with that part of me, so it was shamed and I held myself back.

As I grew, I learned to love this aspect about myself. In fact, I adore my own tenacity! In accepting myself more fully, and not making excuses or apologizing, I could be healthy about being strong. I love that my clients lovingly call me ‘the velvet hammer’, a ‘ninja of the heart’ and that Im ‘in your face’ with love. Because it is done with love, and comes from love.

And I trust that part of myself, so it gets to shine and be shared. In that, the Universe gets to play even more with and through me as I show up even more fully.


This is the same for you. This is the key to what you want in all areas of your life.

Here are 3 specific actions you can take immediately:

1-    Write down what you are going to own, claim and love about who you are, what you stand for and what makes you stand out. I love being a mama bear and that is one of my gifts that my clients love too.  Dig deep and find what you stand for and use it to help you stand out and take a stand for what you care about.

2-    Take an honest look at where you are being reasonable, timid and mediocre. Stop that! As your Mama Bear right now, I’m letting you know that it’s about the stand you are and the stand you take. Allow your strengths and innate gifts to propel you forward and towards your dreams. Trust those parts of you and let them fuel your fire and bring more potency to what you do and the impact you have.

3-    Commit to celebrating and building upon that which you love, respect and believe in about yourself . This is part of what I call your “special sauce.” As you embrace and own it more, others will see it and will see YOU more clearly. What you appreciate, appreciates. This is no joke, so make sure to FEEL what you love about yourself and let it lift you up. And set you free.

You’re here to be a messenger, speaker and feminine leader. You are here to stand out and be seen, to share your heart and make an impact…

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