I’ve been quite sick

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been quite ill. Part of the time was a bad cold/flu that knocked me out. The other part was a deeper layer of transformation that I’ve been undergoing, which I’ve come to appreciate as part of the process of being a feminine leader birthing something new. With each year that I host  “Own, Honor and Unleash™”  – which is a very different event each and every Continue Reading

Are you a mama bear?

This is a photo of a Mama Bear wood carving that a dear client recently gave to me that sits on my desk. She said “this is who you are for me.” I was so touched. I love this little guy and I love that I’m a Mama Bear!   My ‘nearest and dearest’, including my clients, know this about me (though sometimes they hate me for it, which used to make me cringe, but now makes me smile). I am stand Continue Reading

Protected: Dream Team

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Continue Reading

I Love Your Vision

I love your work in the world and your commitment to make the difference and impact that you're here to make. I love the parts of your vision and calling that are clear and that you see. I love the parts that haven't been revealed yet...but are on their way.  I love you for loving yourself enough to live and share your truth and your dream. I love your willingness to do whatever it takes to Continue Reading

Not On My Watch

Something very precious is being born now. Being asked of us women. If you’re anything like me, I know you feel it too. It’s in the air. Palpable. Ready to emerge yet still unformed… But it’s brewing. Before I share what I believe it is, let me tell you what I believe it’s NOT. This is just not OK on my watch: Our Children: Kids being verbally and emotionally-abused. Spoken to in a Continue Reading

I almost ran

On a freezing cold night in Montreal, sitting on my couch sobbing, I faced one of the biggest decisions of my life. After weeks of agonizing over what to do, I'm on the phone with a dear friend and through tears of worry and doubt, I desperately blurt out: “But what if I’m running away from my life?” His words to me were simple: “Tracey, what if you’re running to your life?” In that Continue Reading

Your best year ever

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to kick off 2014 and make this an amazing year together! Though every day has the opportunity for change and to hit the ‘restart’ and ‘refresh’ button, today is one of the most potent, in my view. You get to say exactly how this year is going to be. You get to decide exactly what you’ll leave behind. You get to choose exactly what you’ll bring Continue Reading

Congruent is the new authentic (authenticity 2.0)

Congruent is the new authentic (authenticity 2.0)

This sentence jumped out at me this morning in my meditation and reading. It’s the very essence of our work together, and who we are as messengers. You’re here to play a significant role in the shift that’s taking place right now. To be this kind of speaker and messenger, from a deeply authentic, influential and inspiring place, you need: #1 - To be congruent. Which means… #2 - Having Continue Reading

Be thankful for your YES to YOU

Be thankful for your YES to YOU

Be thankful for YOUR YES to YOU. Love your YES and give huge gratitude for it, today and all days. It brings you forward, calls you up, and breathes life into you. I’m thankful for YOUR YES to YOU and for being part of our amazing community! YOUR YES to YOU inspires me. And it inspires so many others that are waiting for more of your yes to help unlock theirs. And, I’m so very thankful for Continue Reading

My fight for her greatness: coaching a 15-year old rockstar messenger

My fight for her greatness: coaching a 15-year old rockstar messenger

A few years ago, I had the great privilege of being a judge and coach in a contest for The Greatest High School Orator in America. As one of 4 judges, I watched hundreds of videos of kids from across the country. With the daunting task of picking the semifinalists, I was blown away! Some kids were wildly creative, some hilarious, and some totally outrageous (one girl milked a goat throughout Continue Reading