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If you’ve ever seen Tracey Trottenberg speak from a stage, you know what effective communication, delivered from a place of feminine power, looks and sounds like.



The style of leadership she teaches creates immediate transformation among executives and their teams, small business owners and individual entrepreneurs. She knows how to create trust, engagement and an improved bottom line. Tracey’s clients range from entrepreneurs to million-dollar CEOs of large corporations and organizations, including Panasonic, Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Penton Media, Aruba Tourism Authority, BBDO, Leo Burnett, and many others. Working with teams, diverse groups, or one on one, Tracey delivers the ultimate, results-oriented coaching. She has spoken to, coached and trained tens of thousands of people throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Tracey specializes in coaching women entrepreneurs and executives to help them access the source of her own feminine power – in business and beyond – which is often much more difficult than it sounds. That’s why she has dedicated her life to helping women find their “Feminine Leadership Sweetspot,” guiding them through entrepreneurship or the channels of big business, while tapping into their full female potential.  A leadership coach, consultant and public speaker, Tracey will soon be launching an E-book entitled, “The Strength of Feminine Leadership: Seven Secret Strategies for Success.”

mic“I teach women how to better communicate and how to present themselves more effectively when speaking from the stage, in meetings and with their staff in a way that demonstrates leadership and preserves femininity,” says Tracey, who is the show host of “Expose Yourself: How to Lead and Stay Feminine,” an online radio show that airs on the Women’s Information Network.


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In My Client’s Words

“Your ability to stand powerfully as a feminine leader and guide me through my transformation is profound. You see what others haven’t seen for or in me, and help me see myself. You are masterful, intuitive and a divine megaphone for my message until I can speak it for myself. You are so much more than a coach. My life is forever changed after working with you.”  Catherine Biggers, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

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