What’s the REAL conversation?

What do you really want to speak about and share? What do your clients really want to talk about? What are the conversations that really want to happen through and around you? I'm exploring this with a lot of clients these days. What it's like to feel 'off the mark' of what your soul and spirit yearns to speak about, or market about. I know what that's like, and those were very difficult Continue Reading

There is only now.

After an incredible “Own, Honor and Unleash” last month and launching our new Mastery and Sacred Circle programs, I was spent. I needed some time off and time to invest back into me. I knew where I had to go. I followed my heart and answered the call I’ve been hearing to go back to the Mayan Riviera - a particular area that I love. I went alone as George had to stay back east and take care of Continue Reading

Own Honor and Unleash

Own Honor and Unleash

The Event was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! More details to follow... Continue Reading