Congruent is the new authentic (authenticity 2.0)

Congruent is the new authentic (authenticity 2.0)

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This sentence jumped out at me this morning in my meditation and reading. It’s the very essence of our work together, and who we are as messengers.

You’re here to play a significant role in the shift that’s taking place right now.

To be this kind of speaker and messenger, from a deeply authentic, influential and inspiring place, you need:

#1 – To be congruent. Which means…

#2 – Having clarity, and

#3 – Developing confidence.


Being authentic as a speaker is not an option anymore. It’s a must. Being congruent is what’s hot. It’s the ‘new’ authenticity (authenticity 2.0 I call it).

That’s when you have more confidence and courage to share from your heart. To take risks and speak more boldly, and more plainly. The safety from within to be more vulnerable and let people see you.

That comes with deep preparation and practice. Not winging it.

That means knowing what you say, when you say it and how you say it.

Being clear is no longer an option either. It’s a must.

Too many women say: ‘I’m an okay speaker’ or ‘I’ll just see what wants to come out’. Unfortunately, this doesn’t empower you as a speaker, nor your audience.

Getting clarity to be effective is not a luxury. It’s your job as a leader.

If you want your audience to follow your content and then follow your lead and purchase from you, you MUST do the work to be clear about your message, how you align with the message and then how you deliver it.

That doesn’t mean you write out every single word, memorize it and give a speech. No one will feel you. That will never work.

But you have to know, at all times, where you are and where you’re going. How to design and deliver your talk so you always have those key points at your fingertips.

THEN…if you want to riff, or get inspired to share something unplanned and ‘get the download,’ you can.

With confidence and joy.

Because you know exactly how to get back to your main point and stay on track.

That’s when speaking is FUN: you feel like a ROCKSTAR and your audience wants what you have!


Here are 3 DECISIONS you can make right now to be a better speaker and messenger for your message:

1-     DECIDE that being clear about your message and how to deliver it is a priority, not something to ‘wait and see’ or ‘wing it.’ Keep a journal or notebook to track stories, sound-bytes and statements that describe your work, share your vision and call your people into action. Keep refining those words so they connect and compel your audience.

2-     DECIDE to get feedback on what you say and how you come across. Get feedback from an expert to help you pull out what is your version of greatness, not try to impose a certain style, system or way that is not your true expression.

3-     DECIDE to BE GREAT, not just mediocre or ‘okay.’ Decide to be the greatest expression of yourself in all ways you communicate and on any stage. Start to pay attention to when you feel like a rockstar and when you don’t.


Your audience needs you to get out and be more visible, more fabulous and more effective so they can have the transformations they need. You help ignite that for them. But you have to be congruent and know how to deliver that kind of message.

That’s what our programs teach and why we created “Rock From The Stage” to be full days of experiential learning where you practice and get feedback. That’s why the folks coming are excited. That’s why we’re excited and want you to come too!

We’d love to support you in this and help bring out your greatness. There are still a few spots left. Claim your spot now and decide to be congruent, clear and confident so you can enter into 2014 ready to rock!