Communication and Leadership Training
for Companies and Teams

“Unprecedented growth, most profitable year and exceeded expectations”

 “She has extreme focus and the guts to go to the difficult places”

 “We became ‘us’ instead of ‘me’”

 “She gets the message across better than others”

 “You’ll always get your ROI”

 “I now have a better understanding of how I tick”

“Immediate impact on our leadership team and managers directly”

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There comes a time in one’s leadership and career path when you realize there is more to grow and more to express.

Whether it’s being asked of you or a stirring inside, a nudge from a higher-up or an opportunity you want, you know it’s time to expand your capacity and develop your speaking and leadership skills.

No longer OK with the status quo, you’re ready for more for yourself and recognize that for your team as well.

The key, however, is that you also want to be authentic as you grow, and to leverage your best so you can experience and enjoy both the fulfillment and the rewards.

We want this for you too.

To stand out and shine, and lift others while you soar.

Our work is for leaders and those on the path to step into more leadership roles.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Presentation and Speaking Skills
  • Communication and Team Communication
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ Facilitation Skills, or
  • Women in Leadership/Feminine Leadership Skills

In our work together, whether in a group training, individual or executive coaching or team facilitation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Exude greater presence, power and purpose in your communication (verbal and non verbal)
  • Demonstrate your leadership and while maintaining your authentic core and staying true to who you are
  • Be more clear and confident
  • Connect more deeply with any audience: in a boardroom, at networking events, meetings with your team or speaking at conferences
  • Establish your credibility and grow your career and impact
  • Be more compelling to move people to action and sell your ideas more effectively

Your style…just more clear, direct, on point and definitely more potent.

All of our programs are uniquely designed so we can get you to your goals.

Let’s set up a time to talk and discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

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Directly from some of our clients:

 “Using your unique approach, we exceeded our mutual expectations and established a stronger foundation of self belief, confidence and an environment of open, honest communication with management. Measurable results include more than doubling the annual average rate and an unprecedented growth in employee satisfaction scores at more than double any previous years. Other notable contributions were in the personal development of several executive level managers. The Resort had its most profitable year by far, and all executives earned personal bonuses as a result. My personal thanks for helping me through your coaching to becoming an even better leader, with teaching me how to better manage my time and improve my personal integrity through prioritizing tasks and living up to my commitments  – these continue to serve me well. It was a pleasure working with you and I very much look forward to a “repeat performance.”

by J. Lesker, General Manager

 “Tracey provided the direction we needed to get ourselves focused, develop a mission and vision and get action plans…acknowledging underlying issues and challenges, and able to call people to their greatness and call us out when we were not owning our piece or wanting to pass something off. She has extreme focus and the guts to go to the difficult places, even though it’s easier to go the path of least resistance, which she doesn’t do. After our session, the players took ownership and we became ‘us’, instead of ‘me’ as everyone started to develop a sense of we’re all in this together, becoming accountable and recognizing that we all have a part to play.”

by B. Nicholson, President and CEO

 “Tracey has a way of getting the message across that is better than others I’ve seen. She brings sanity to what’s going on – helping us steer the ship to where it needs to go, keeping people together, focused and strategically aligned so everyone is looking at the same goal. She can bring a diverse group of people together, establishing one voice as an outcome where we all pull together and move forward. With her enthusiasm to teach, Tracey goes the extra mile and you’ll always get your ROI.”

by L. Rouse, Regional Director

 “Our work with Tracey produced positive results with an immediate impact on our leadership teams and managers directly.  With a 95% positive rating by participants, the management training programs she delivered were well received and highly valued. Results included improved communication, increased knowledge and skill development as well as individual self development and growth.  Greater team integration, alignment and improved productivity and morale were also accomplished. As a coach, trainer and facilitator, Tracey brings a unique combination of empathy and a direct, lasered approach, creating highly interactive training where our team was engaged, involved and satisfied. I highly recommend Tracey’s services to small and medium sized companies, both in the start up and more established phase.”

by J. Nelson, VP Human Resources

“Our management team underwent a week-long Leadership and Team Building seminar, facilitated by Tracey Trottenberg. One of the main objectives was to bring the team together and instill a new spirit and alignment within the senior management team. This was accomplished and the tools she provided were very practical and we were able to put them into practice right away. New understandings and awarenesses were created. Ms. Trottenberg’s sessions were highly interactive, and as a facilitator she displayed a great ability to have individuals open up and express themselves. Overall we were very satisfied with the results that were produced from this seminar. It is therefore with great pleasure that we would recommend the services of Tracey Trottenberg and her team.”

by S. Curtis, Human Resources Director

“Working with Tracey and her team was a wonderful experience for our organization. She assisted our senior team in a time of great transition, leading a facilitated conversation and series of activities which helped to dive deep into future goals and strategic direction. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the initiative was the amount and thoughtfulness of time and energy spent on preparing for the conversation and leading up to the events. I highly recommend individuals in the non profit sector to consider working with Tracey and her team of highly qualifed professionals.”

by M. Kielburger, President

“It was amazing working with you again during the Leadership Conference. I value the time we spent together and I am now better able to draw from your incredible coaching skills and reflect on things with each session. I came away with a lot of insight and a better understanding of what makes me tick and how I can shape my leadership style to be most effective.”

by MG, Association Executive

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