God won the Voice

God won the Voice

I have to admit that I called it. I knew Sawyer would win The Voice. And I knew it was Pharrell’s time too.

If you’ve seen my emails you know I love this show. If you haven’t watched it this year, then I’ll tell you a little bit about Sawyer. He’s barely 16 and has the voice of an ancient soul. The way his voice and energetics fill the space is palpable – he barely moves, is visibly awkward and yet the resonance that comes out of this young man is mindblowing.

He is an old soul. He sings from God. And his coach, Pharrell recognized this each and every step of the way. He dug deeper and brought out the gold from within this young boy who lives on a farm and truly seems to have very little if any ego.sawyer and pharrell

He is a breath of fresh air and a bridge of the young generation and the sounds and message of the older music (older – like circa 70’s, which is my era too…so that makes me…perfectly aged! 😉

Sawyer is a messenger. Pharrell is a messenger and a facilitator/coach for good. Pharrell’s acknowledgment of God and the power of singing from this place thrills me every single time he speaks this truth.

What does this have to do with you and me? Everything!

Your ‘stage’ is your business. It’s where you show up and share your work to help others. Your song is your journey and your hard earned truths. It’s what only you can uniquely share, and it’s not in someone else’s system or trying to copy what everyone else is doing.

It’s who you be as a feminine leader, speaker and messenger.

You have a message inside of you. You have a calling. You have a voice that needs to be heard and people are praying for what only you can uniquely give.

That’s the bottom line. You want success, fulfillment, abundance, impact and the freedom to be the fullest and greatest expression of you – it comes from one place. One source. That’s inside of you and it’s the divinity that you are.

My message to you today is to celebrate and share the song inside of you. Speak it out loud. Preach it from mountain tops. Own what you’re really about. Allow yourself to be really YOU today!

Watch what opens up for you when you do…it’s magnificent, as are YOU!


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