I’ve been quite sick

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been quite ill. Part of the time was a bad cold/flu that knocked me out. The other part was a deeper layer of transformation that I’ve been undergoing, which I’ve come to appreciate as part of the process of being a feminine leader birthing something new.

With each year that I host  “Own, Honor and Unleash™  – which is a very different event each and every time – I “go through” the workshop before you do. That means that this has been a deep time of owning, honoring and unleashing for me too!

I’m so very grateful and it’s all really exciting!

There’s huge energy moving right now.

Something very spectacular is happening,

and changing and birthing.


I sense you’re feeling it too. Much is evolving and in the midst of change.

Over the last many weeks, I’ve sat with many feelings that came up, many inspirations that were revealed, and many deep internal shifts making even more space for what’s emerging.

It takes something to stop the daily status quo, and instead BE with the change and in the change. If you can relate, just know that you are not alone.

TT prayerI sat with my weaknesses and looked them square in the eye. I cried tears of regret and loss, allowing the sadness underneath the ‘busy-ness’ to flow through me and be heard, and then released.

I sat with my mistakes and looked them square in the eye. I felt old feelings of inadequacy, incompletions and sorrow of wishing I had done things differently layered under the shadows of success, and then I forgave.

I sat with my desires and looked them square in the eye. I felt old questions and doubts of ‘I’m not worthy’ and all sides of ‘what if/I can’t/not me’ and let them wash over me and through me, and then let them go.

I heard the call of the ‘movement’ happening now through me and Amazing Women International Inc., and looked it square in the eye. I felt the heaviness of past burdens of ‘that’s too big’ and ‘I don’t want to do it alone’ and allowed all resistance to show its face, and then set it free. And then I got excited.

I saw the freedom promised in the vision of what’s coming and looked it square in the eye…and smiled. It’s good, really good. And it is time.

Without self-compassion and honest reflection of what was and has been, I could not embrace what is and what’s coming.

The same is true for you.

None of what comes up is ever to hurt or stop you. It’s here so you can step in more fully and show that you are not backing off.  It’s to show you how far you’ve come, and what’s your growing edge, not to dissuade or derail you.

The truth of the journey of growing yourself, growing your business

and growing your impact in the world is that it encompasses everything:

beauty, fun, ease and grace, plus some mess, struggle, regret and mistakes.

This is true no matter who you are, how far you’ve come

and what it looks like on the outside.

And, it’s all worth it!

To be at the forefront of a new, a more feminine way of leading, doing business, speaking and staying true to who you are as a woman is delicious and undeniable! AND IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

I’m grateful for this journey! When I was young, I used to look at others and wonder why I had it harder or was always ‘so deep’ and a such a ‘big thinker.’ As I got older, I used to look at others and say ‘how do you do it’ and think they had the magic bullet. Over the last many years and as I keep getting wiser, I stop looking at others and instead recognize the truth that no matter how it looks on the outside, everyone is growing and going through their own process.

The only thing that matters is me staying true to mine.

The same is true for you. It’s all a journey into the deeper expression of YOU.

For anyone who feels I have hurt or misled them, I apologize.

For anyone who feels I have inspired and touched them, I am grateful.

For anyone who feels the call and ready to step into the next version of you, to grow your business and share your voice and message from this deeper, authentic, breakthrough place, I am calling you up. Now.

It takes courage to say yes to you. It takes a deep commitment to walk through the process of living, speaking and being the true YOU.

It takes awareness and mature self love to stay in the ‘dance’ of expanding and going higher (which looks and feels great), and then digging in and going deeper (which can feel crappy and not so pretty).

It takes a special community to hold you to your highest when you can’t do it for yourself. It takes knowing you’re part of something bigger to move through times of feeling alone. It takes a sacred community to honor your deep desire for real connection, especially when you know you’re here to make a bigger difference.

No woman is meant to do this alone. And as I’ve said for years:

“When one woman succeeds, we all succeed.”

When I see and feel the amazing community of women we’ve assembled, I am filled with gratitude, joy and inspiration.  This pulls me forward in harmony with, and in service of, this beautiful vision.  Who you are and who we get to be in community is but one of the many powers of walking this path together!