Lady Gaga did it, will you?

Lady Gaga did it, will you?

I was watching some Oscar highlights the other day. Though I loved and celebrated the acceptance speeches that spoke of equal rights and other much needed changes and consciousness in our world, there was one moment, one performance, that touched me most.

It was Lady Gaga singing the songs from The Sound of Music. ladygagaoscars

At first, I felt a bit antsy as she sang. I wondered if she’d pull off her puffy skirt and reveal a crazy “Gaga” outfit.

But when I realized she was not putting on a show, but instead sharing and revealing her gifts and her heart, I was spellbound.

She wasn’t doing Lady Gaga. She was being a beautiful singer. Sharing her gift and message through song.

She dropped her mask and became vulnerable and open. Her performance, in my opinion, was honest and real. She owned the stage with her raw and chiseled talent. Without bravado, props or fanfare, she owned the stage with her femininity, powerful heart and magnificent gift.

She showed up and shared herself differently. To me, it felt more courageous and real than we’ve seen her before.

Over the years I’ve heard interviews and caught glimpses of her work – her ‘meat suit’ and other stunts, devoted ‘little monsters’ (the community she’s created and loves), and a “60 Minute” interview in which I was impressed with what a skilled artist and marketer she is – smart and strategic – who took herself seriously and made herself relevant.

But what I witnessed – and felt deeply – in her performance at the Oscars, was a woman, and messenger, willing to be seen for her true essence and talent.

Instead of trying to be someone or something, she let her true self be seen.


What about you?

Have you been trying to fit into a marketing box or squeeze into a specific formula? Trying to become someone or something because it’s what you should do for success?

Imagine what’s possible when you drop your mask and expose your heart…

That’s the YOU we want!

Here are 3 ways to connect with yourself and share more of you:

  • What’s at the heart of what you love to do and share? If you haven’t been speaking and leading with that, stretch yourself. When you’re vulnerable and don’t hide behind masks or methodologies, it can be scary. It can also be exhilarating! It may bring up feelings of fear, discomfort, and even sadness and regret. But if you let that be ok and love the little one inside you, something magnificent will emerge. That’s the place from which you can express your deeper truth and message. That’s magnetic!
  • Go beyond the surface and get real about the masks you’ve been wearing and why? Everyone of us has masks – protection, survival strategies, habits and behaviors we’ve learned to make it in the world. I know the more I put myself out, the more the little girl inside me gets afraid and needs to know she’s safe. But that’s the gig we signed up for! That’s the beauty of being a messenger and doing your GodWork! It requires you to get real and go within so you can expand and give more. Go inside and be lovingly honest with yourself so you can lovingly free yourself.
  • Dare to be seen in a way you have not yet revealed yourself! It’s exciting to put yourself out there in a new way and see what comes back. Let your people know what you really care about.  What you really want to talk about. What you really want your work and message to be about. That’s inspiring, compelling and, that’s hot! Draw from a deeper courage today and expose and share something more about your true message and passion.

You can choose to stand out as the real you OR struggle to fit into a mold or fight to break one.

You are here to share your message and GodWork in the way only you can.

You can choose to stand, center stage, and sing your truth…just in words instead of music!


With love and inviting you to boldly share your true self and real voice in the world today.

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