Feminine Surrender and “Let Me Out” (Part 1 of my dance with God)

Feminine Surrender and “Let Me Out” (Part 1 of my dance with God)

I hope you’re having an amazing summer!

George and I are loving our time at the lakehouse! I’m immersed in a rich and profound ‘feminine surrender’ summer experience. I’m letting go of a lot. Connecting more within. Deepening my work.

Many magnificent things are emerging, and I’m excited to share more with you soon!

We just led a beautiful and intimate “Summer Speaker Retreat” with a group of Amazing Women. Our days began with meditation and prayer, and then we dove deep into each woman’s true voice, expression and message. Each one connected more deeply to her GodWork and deep desires that drive everything she says and does. The power and potency of what emerged was gorgeous.

2015-07-11 20.36.25What a blessing! To experience the work I love, with the man I love, in a beautiful setting, unhurried and drenched in goodness and yummy food (of course!) with women whose yes is undeniable. This is my soul’s greatest joy, and it’s happening now more than ever.

We are at the beginning of a new paradigm for speaking and being a feminine leader and messenger. It’s time for those who are willing and brave to share what’s real and what they’re truly about it. This is how we will bring forward the new and more empowered voices and endeavors in business, speaking, leading and serving that will have the greatest impact and feel the most authentic and fulfilling.

If this feels true for you, then I’m glad you’re here and we’re connected! Stay tuned because we’ll be sharing something very exciting soon that will rock this conversation even more.

For now, I was moved to share with you a huge part of my personal journey to my deeper truth. It’s encompassed in 3 parts, with 3 sets of 3 powerful words. It’s my own story of my ‘dance’ with God over the last few years in particular.

I hope it stirs something in you. I hope it brings you closer to your own desire, and provides more permission and connection to know that whatever you’re feeling around your own journey is perfect, and you’re never alone. Especially in this community!

Enjoy and please share what emerges for you below or on our Facebook Page

 “Let Me Out” (Part 1 of my ‘dance’ with God)

Years ago I prayed to God to “Let me out!” It wasn’t a one-time thing – I asked for this over and over.

It wasn’t quite as much of a prayer as it was a demand. I felt like a star player sitting on the bench waiting to be told by the coach to get out on the field and go for it.

I was antsy. I knew there was much more inside of me that wanted to come out. I felt like my insides might burst. I felt frustrated. I watched other folks out there flying high as I saw it, and felt like I was being held back or benched for reasons I couldn’t figure out.

Sure, I was out there too and playing in a great way, but the truth is, it felt like a fraction of who I really am and what wanted to emerge and come through me.

(Maybe you can relate…)

I journaled about this every day, praying for something to change so I could feel more of the real me and bring that out in the world in a bigger way. I invested in this and that which gave me outer information and provided value, but mostly missed the mark of what was going on inside of me.

My business was intimately tied to my relationship with God – I knew this and wanted to know it even more. Yet something was missing for me to take it to the next level.

So back to my journal and back to the wrestling mat with God. I was angry, tired and yet still full of desires and dreams. Even in my spiritual work and tons of reading, filled with hope and seeking, I berated God to “Let me out!”

It was all I could think to ask for as I was searching and wanting to give more.

Then one day in my journaling, I heard the most magnificent 3 words that took my breath away.

I will share these words with you in the second part of this story. Make sure to read the next email in the next few days.

For now, I invite you to find some quiet time, take a few minutes and ask yourself:

1- How do I feel ‘held back’ and frustrated that I’m not ‘out there’ more and/or in a bigger way? Be courageous to tell yourself the truth about what you’re feeling and wanting to share more of yourself, either with your loved ones or audiences out in the world.

2- What do I say to myself about this? Where do I go inside of myself to find another way, another solution, another possibility?  This will give you great insight to where you connect more within or where you go seeking outside of yourself. Both are valuable and necessary, so please don’t judge anything. The key is to know what you say to yourself and what’s the inner conversation you’re having with yourself.

3- How long have I been struggling with this? How long have I been yearning to ‘get out there’ in a way that feels more congruent with as big, passionate and hungry I am to express what’s inside of me? This is gold. Allow yourself to acknowledge the depth of your desire and what has been yearning to come through you.

Please share what you discover as you dive in deeper to you – post it on our Facebook page.  We’d love to hear and know you more!