Mediocre Ain’t Going to Cut It For You

Mediocre Ain’t Going to Cut It For You

Last year my singing coaching said to me in a rehearsal “This feels like a fraction of who you really are. I’m not feeling you in this song. For someone else this may be ok. But Tracey, you have way more to bring.

So, what’s going on?”

It stung a little to hear that, but I knew she was right. I knew there was more inside of me to come out. I also knew that I didn’t know how to do it differently.

So, we started digging.

Into me, into the song and the connection.

We went deep and found the reason I was holding back and playing small.
We found the gold!
That clarity brought out a quality in my voice that I had never accessed.
I sang it again and WHOA – I rocked it!
I showed up totally different…and WAY MORE ME!

The thing is, I am not the one who saw myself. I couldn’t see what was needed and how to move myself through to the other side.
Because I can’t. None of us can.

In fact, we are designed NOT to see ourselves. Our subconscious beliefs and defaults keep us from seeing anything that we may perceive as a threat to our safety, security or survival.

The human design is to be safe.

I was playing it safe with the song. I didn’t really want to be seen and I didn’t really want to own the song.
I wanted to feel safe. But that was mediocre.

However, I wanted it badly enough to feel unsafe and go for it. Because mediocre ain’t going to cut it.
I want the fullest expression of me.
I know that feeling on stage when I speak. I want that when I sing.
And I’m just like you.

Always walking that line of ’safe’ vs ’seen’…and not willing to play at a mediocre level.
Singing ain’t safe for me.

Speaking probably ain’t that safe for you.
But as you already know, speaking IS necessary.
To grow your business. To impact more people. To make more money. And mostly, to be the full expression and messenger that you’re here to be.

If you’re going to step out of being safe, don’t you want to do it as smartly as you can?
Wouldn’t you want to minimize the risk that you’re taking so you can maximize the results?
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