On being a Woman, a Feminine Messenger and a Feminine Leader

It’s messy.

Being a woman with a calling is magnificent. And it’s messy.


Birthing a project, a movement, a business, a calling, a project is messy. Bloody, painful, like giving birth. It is giving life.


Birthing yourself and your voice, finding the courage to be seen and heard, stepping out of the status quo to share what’s in your heart comes with bruises and battles. Mostly battles within.


Birthing a new way in our world that so needs the love and light we uniquely bring as feminine women is scary and still reeks of modern day ‘stakes’ (if you know what I mean).


Opening your heart opens up the space for slings and arrows, and who really wants that? A woman who is sensitive and an empath, a woman who feels deeply and cares dearly doesn’t choose the pain.


Or so she thinks…TTK meditation on beach


It’s an old soul that creates young childhood wounds and says “I’ll forget as soon as I come in and experience trauma so I learn to trust myself, find and trust my voice, hear and trust my divine intuition as my Source and guidance for myself and others.”


It’s an old soul that says “Put me in this time around and let’s play big. I know I’ve been around before, so let’s make this one even juicier…and more subtle. More nuanced. Use me fully and let me remember, recommit and serve.”


It’s an old soul that says “Layer it on with the love woes, money mishaps, team troubles and inner dialogue dilemmas…and I’ll find my way to still wake up to the Truth of who I am, and whose I am.”


Shields drop, safety valve pulled and stopping is not an option when you’re here to be a feminine leader and share your voice to serve others.


The journey from head to heart is one of the longest and most dangerous…until it’s not. Then it simply is what it is, as it is recognized as the only place from which you’re willing and desire to live, speak, love, serve and shine your light.


Today women around the world are recognized… for being a woman. Hopefully.


Women are being loved and honored for their true feminine essence. Hopefully.


I’m saddened to say yet must, that many are still being tortured, raped, beaten, imprisoned and punished…for being a woman. Hopefully this will end now.


If you cry because you feel that pain, that is your gift. You are a woman.


If you feel hopeful and know the possibility of change, that is your gift. You are a woman.


If you feel unsure but willing to love into the pain, the questions, the possibility and your own process because you know there’s a choice, that is your gift. You are a woman.


If there is judgment, harshness, intolerance, shame, guilt, self punishment, perfectionism, comparison or denial of the absolute gift of God that you are to the world, as you are, right now inside of you…for being a woman, I invite you to transform and transcend that, in some way, large or small, today.


With love. With kindness. With compassion.


Because you need you.


They need you. The world needs you.


The other women who can’t speak up. The kids who can’t stop it. The animals who can’t defend. The earth and Mother who can no longer be ignored. The men who are starving to be loved and lubricated with a woman’s heart and kindness.


Nothing on this earth is more powerful than a woman who chooses to awaken, does the inner work, opens her heart and shares her love. With herself first and then with others.




You have a voice today.


You have a choice today.


You are the one chosen to be the change. To shine your light and not ask “who am I” but instead say ‘Yes I am’.


You are the one who said “Use me” and “I’ll find and share my voice on many and any stage” because you are receiving this from me.


You wouldn’t be part of the Amazing Women International community or drawn to myself or George is you weren’t one of us.


You are a Messenger. A Feminine Leader. A divine gift to this world.


As you. Exactly as you are today.


Today is International Women’s Day, and we are celebrating this all month.

Please share in this beautiful day and month in honor and celebration of women all over the world. Please face, feel and heal your pain so you can put the energy and vibration of love into our world – your energetic frequency makes that much of a difference. You make that much of a difference.


Please share your voice today and shower other women with love. Kids with love. Animals with love. Mother Earth with love. And the men…give them love so they can share it with others too.


Please give to some cause today that helps any of the above. We created “Voices for the Voiceless” as our not-for-profit fund to give to those who cannot use their voice.


Let us – you, me and our amazing community – use our voices today to bring more love, light and feminine leadership to our world.


It’s time.


You are an Amazing Woman. We are amazing.


Both George and I celebrate you today and everyday. We are grateful for your yes to walk this path and transform our world together.


With love and in service to freeing the feminine and more women’s voices, hearts and light to lead our world with love, caring and kindness for Mother earth, kids, animals and people everywhere