It’s YOUR time now to Speak, Lead and Stay Feminine!

YOU are meant for greatness. YOUR voice matters. YOUR message must be shared.


There is a new way you want to do business and your speaking – more authentic, less hectic. More feminine, less fragmented. More ease, less effort. More substance and connection to Spirit, less superficial and copycat.

More you!


You may not have the words to describe it, yet you can feel it in your bones.

You are changing on the inside. You can no longer do your work and grow your business the same way you’ve done it before.

The pain of not sharing what’s inside is real: it can no longer be denied. Even if you’re already out there, you know there’s something greater ready to emerge and be shared with more authenticity and real connection.

You don’t want to just be a speaker: you are here to be a messenger. You are called to lead. You may not yet know how or what or why. Or maybe you do, but are ready for a deeper cut.

No more ‘fast schemes’ and ‘follow my system’ robots. You desire something more fresh and refreshing. You’re ready for some rebels and renegades who are ready to break you open and bring you closer to your truth, your soul and your feminine essence. That’s where we come in!


It’s time to give yourself permission to UNLEASH!

To come together with others like you.

And to go for what’s true in your heart, your GodWork…and stay feminine.





  westin LAX

April 1 – 3, 2016



This is not a multi-speaker event. This live immersion is workshop-style and we will dive into you, your message and your work in the world! 




A percentage of every ticket purchased goes to “Voices for the Voiceless™”. Amazing Women International, Inc. shares a percentage of revenue from all of V4V-logoour programs and ticket sales with active charitable organizations dedicated to the passionate empowerment of women, the vigorous protection of children and animals, the compassionate support of cancer patients, caregivers and survivors and the loving stewardship of our mother Earth. You’re already using your voice for good and your dollars to give and help others!


Before working with Tracey, I was paralyzed when asked to speak. My fear of speaking held me back in business, and made it very difficult for me to make and maintain personal relationships. The tools that Tracey has helped me incorporate equipped me to speak with confidence in any situation. To me, that is a miracle. She taught me how to present myself in an authentic, professional, confident and educated way. All of this growth and awareness has spilled over into my marriage – we are communicating at a much higher level and have been able to connect in a much deeper level. I feel so blessed to have found someone who is actually in-tune with what I need as a person, a speaker, and as a business owner.

by Julie Looper from Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Los Angles, CA

All About You!

This live immersion is about ALL of you – your light, leadership and legacy – in all areas of your life.

Intimate and interactive, you will be with other Amazing Women who are as committed to their own personal work and growth as you are to yours.

You will be listened to, witnessed and seen deeply. You will have breathing room to explore and express your own process and truth.




You’re being called up. To join other women just like you.

We invite you to step into your greatness. To discover you don’t have to do it alone.

And show you what’s possible…your version, your truth, your voice.



Once again, Tracey has gone deep and created a safe space for women leaders to stretch into a new level of power. The actionable lessons about our presence and communication are priceless. The connections I made are very special. You don’t connect at this level at other events.

by Lana Goldenberg from Entrepreneur, Speaker, Wife & Mom




April 1 – 3, 2016




Effortlessly attracting clients…even my marriage is better!

Working with Tracey, I hit my sales goals multiple times over, I’m effortlessly attracting clients and speaking opportunities, and even my marriage is better. I’m in my Sweetspot and I love it!

by Catherine Chevalier from Co-Founder, Not Maurice Advertising, Branding and Marketing

The work I did with Tracey is deep, personal and profound. She is an amazing coach – very hands-on, very caring and very supportive. Tracey truly fulfills the brand promise of her company name – Amazing Women. She has challenged me – that’s a good thing – and with her guidance I am producing great results in my coaching and training business.

by Janie Jordan-Meier from Author, Speaker, Crisis Communication and Media Expertt


My personal experience is that Tracey sees participants in a way that we do not see ourselves and it truly felt like she was channeling my higher purpose as she coached me. I discovered that my gift and my areas of expertise are so much bigger than I was seeing and Tracey pushed me to see the broader applications for my business. I am now delivering international workshops, writing a book, building my own consulting business and engaging clients in public speaking forums.

by Achaessa James from Speaker, International Trainer and Founder of The WISE Sys
This live in person, live transformational experience is about working on YOU and YOUR business, while being in the presence of brilliant authentic women doing their work too.

Real Connections and relationships are formed. 


Real women. Like you. Only these women are holding a high watch for themselves and with you.

Women honoring women. First themselves and you too.

We hold a high watch – a safe place for you to go deeper into yourself so you can leave with real transformation. Not superficial or something you’ll put on your shelf or forget about next week. But something that will last. Niki and Steffi Jo intimate


I have a whole new relationship with who I am, what I offer to the world and why the world needs me. If you have an opportunity to work with Tracey, take it! She is a ninja when it comes to getting to the heart of things and she does it in the most loving manner.

by Barbara Eisele from Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach

We go deep. You will feel held.

And we will have a blast together and tons of fun too!




It’s YOUR time to own

ohu20 honor



  OHU Angel dancing


Ask yourself some real questions:

  • What do my results show me about me?
  • Am I having fun?
  • Am I expressing the best and fullest version of me?
  • Am I holding myself to my highest?
  • Am I surrounded by others who are holding me?
  • Am I being myself or trying to be a version of what I think I’m supposed to be?
  • Am I expressing my Godwork and deepest purpose?
  • And, am I ready to share my voice and ‘take the stage’ in my life and business as a feminine leader?

You don’t have to know how or even when (though it is now) but you do have to say yes to you!

That’s the key. It comes down to you choosing to give yourself the gift of spending time on yourself, your business and your deepest truth. 

In the MOST amazing community of other women doing the same!

Imagine being seen by women who get who you are. And seeing yourself through the eyes of no judgment, just love. And, calling you up to the greatest expression of you. In the way you dream of being. Now!




How amazing would that feel? Now you can say: ‘Yes, count me in!’


Join us and this amazing community of women for an extraordinary transformation, all about YOU!

And we’ll have a blast together!





This IS for you if:

  • You know you have a calling and a message to share
  • You know it’s TIME to have your voice be heard, even if you aren’t sure how and may even question if you’re ready yet
  • You want to grow your business
  • You know you need to get out there more, become a better leader, and be more aligned with your ‘core purpose’
  • You want your business to be an expression of who you are
  • You have been wanting a community of like-minded women where you felt safe and supported to help you grow without judgment, without competition and without imposing
  • You are a speaker or want to become one
  • You want to connect more deeply than you can at other events (you may even be tired of ‘old school’ networking)
  • You prefer a workshop-style event, not a ‘sit and just listen to other speakers’ event
  • You’re tired of scratching the surface and going to multi-speaker events to hear other people talk but you don’t get to work on yourself or your business, so you just go back with more work to do

OHU TTK GPK whispering


This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re just looking for a system to follow and don’t want to think about what makes you uniquely you
  • Your primary interest is to promote yourself and give your business cards out or get people on your ‘list’ instead of connect more intimately
  • You prefer to scratch the surface and don’t really want to do the deeper work to grow yourself or your business
  • You’re not willing or ready to take responsibility for bringing your dream to life and find your true voice
  • You’re not ready to make a deeper connection at a deeper level with yourself and/or others
  • You’re not really open or coachable to finding new ways to become a better you


Here’s How Your Experience Will Roll Out:

  You will receive real tools, deeper insight, and immediate shifts to know how to play to, and integrate, your innate strengths. This is not a lecture-style presentation. These is interaction, laser coaching, action steps and real connections – in the safest environment imaginable to awaken and harness your power!


OWN your Truth, your Voice and the Stage.

  • Clarify and step more deeply into your big vision, mission and most truthful ‘why’
  • Discover unconscious communication habits (verbal and non verbal) that hold you back, and learn the “Language of Leadership™” for maximum potency
  • See where you leak power and start ‘plugging the holes’ as we access your authentic confidence and bring voice to your brilliance



HONOR your Journey, your unique Gifts and your Knowing.

  • Learn how to integrate and ‘connect the dots’ of your skills and story
  • Discover where you are leaving money on the table and discounting your value
  • Embrace more fully the process of being feminine – not forcing or making it happen – including what your Soul and body need to flourish and not be depleted
  • Shift the paradigm among women in leadership to build trust, support and acceleration



UNLEASH your Magnificence so you and everyone around you shines! This is the day we let it rip and monetize the groundwork and powerful inner foundation you’ve been creating.

  • How to speak about what makes you amazing and feel safe while being seen
  • How to grow your business and who you are as a leader in a way that’s more authentic, supportive and available for ease and grace

 It’s time to stop looking at others to see what you should be doing. Stop waiting for permission to be honest, real and great. Time to stop feeling like the ‘best kept secret.’ Stop thinking you have to ‘figure it all out’ before getting support. Stop trying to do it alone. 

It’s time to give yourself permission to UNLEASH! To come together with others like you. And to go for what’s true in your heart, your GodWork…and stay feminine.

THIS Experience IS GAME CHANGING because it truly is ALL ABOUT YOU!


What I got from Tracey is how to be authentic and just have a conversation with folks from stage. You have to be comfortable in your skin to do that…Thank you Tracey for your gift that continues to give to me!

by Victoria Trafton, Speaker, Trainer from Owner Referral Training and Consulting Company

SJ Alyssa Loretta for OHU

Tracey’s insights, intuition and wisdom helped to transform and enlighten an amazing group of women who are willing to model her leadership and take it out into the world. She’s amazing, inspiring and so tapped into her true self: authentic and congruent. Thank you!

by Barbara Daoust  Author from Facilitator, Leader, Coach

I went from feeling unsure and insecure to feeling tapped into my feminine strength as a speaker and leader. Your truth is magical and so needed in the world. Thank you

by Tabby Biddle from , Speaker, Author and Feminine Voice Advocate

Tracey is a masterful coach and a communications ‘midwife’. Her intuitive gifts are keen, enabling her to nail a client’s ‘inner roadblocks’ and get to the heart of communication patterns that block one’s full potential. Her accuracy and her ability to help me be more clear, refined and laser focused has been priceless!

by Mary Jane Mahan from Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur


April 1 -3, 2016



You don’t want to go to just another event – neither do we.

We will have a blast and we will go deep. Our work starts where most people stop. With over 50 years combined experience as speakers and trainers in leadership and speaker training, working with corporate and entrepreneurs, George and Tracey create a space and call you up to your greatest expression and deepest truth beyond compare.

Consider this the true intersection and integration of:

Growing yourself, growing your business and “Messenger training from the inside out ™.” You will be immersed in the inner and outer game of who you are as a feminine leader and a messenger. Your work/business/career will only be as successful as who you are as the leader. Developing yourself is a must for you.

Spirituality and strategy for your business, speaking and leadership. You will be meditating and guided through other spiritual and sacred practices in the room. We are talking about God, your GodWork (our word for your calling and purpose) and who you have to be and become so you can own any kind of stage and speak in a way that feels present and truly connects with your audience. That’s how you stand out. Anything less is vanilla.

Your Soul and the precious little girl inside of you. You will come face to face with what’s been holding you back and what propels you forward. You will be invited to go deeper inside yourself than at a normal ‘event’. And you will transform the way you relate to who you are, what you’ve lived and what you’re here for so you can walk out those doors and occupy a greater space, and have more of an impact…

…From the depth and essence of who you really are – feminine, spiritual and a messenger that’s here to change lives.


We will talk about business, money and real wealth consciousness. You’ll bust through your money stories and leave with a richer context so you can have greater results and call others up to work with you.

We will dive into the depths of you to pull out your true voice and real message. You’ll breakthrough to a deeper authenticity and bring out what is ready to emerge inside of you (this is our special sauce and we will help you pull out the gold that’s inside).

We will guide you more into yourself (you’ll be immersed in the unique way we hold space so you get the maximum experience of self awareness). You will be focused on yourself – unapologetically and still collaborating and in great service to others – while in the company of the most amazing women who are all working on themselves and their own GodWork.



westin LAX

April 1 -3, 2016


This is not a multi-speaker event. This live immersion is workshop-style and we will dive into you, your message and your work in the world!


  OHU TTK GPK Smiling

A live event with George and Tracey

About Tracey Trottenberg


If you have ever seen Tracey Trottenberg speak from a stage, then you know what effective communication, delivered from a place of authentic feminine power, looks and sounds like. She’s a rockstar when it comes to teaching women how to be feminine leaders and speakers. It oozes out of her pores and she’s taught thousands of women, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs how to step into their authentic voice and own the stage. With over twenty years in corporate and as an entrepreneurial, keynote speaker, master trainer, Feminine Leadership and Conscious Communication expert, Tracey has taught has spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people internationally. She has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson and more. Moving to LA just a few years ago with only one suitcase, a one-way ticket and money for one month’s rent, she grew her company into a multiple six-figure business. Tracey teaches the ‘inner game’ of speaking and leadership, and guides women in business to access their true power, passion and purpose; to share their message and establish their presence – in a boardroom, networking, with their staff or speaking from the main stage – in a way that demonstrates their leadership and preserves their femininity. Tracey is the author of the paradigm-shifting eBook, “The Seven Secret Strategies of Feminine Leadership & Communication,” and has been featured in the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, iVillage and other media outlets. She founded Amazing Women International Inc. to create, train and showcase a community of feminine leaders and speakers around the world. Tracey also ‘shares the stage’ with her amazing husband, George P. Kansas, fellow Speaker, Author and Producer, delivering live event experiences for C-level Execs, Entrepreneurs and Couples.

About George Peter Kansas


George is a recognized coach to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs for going on 30 years now. He’s an author, former lawyer, single dad and cancer survivor. Through it all, he’s learned how to transcend challenging circumstances and find joy in the journey. Since surviving cancer nearly 10 years ago – George has seen, experienced and taught the strategies behind the power to change your life with the words you choose, the thoughts you believe and the feelings you maintain.  In his groundbreaking leadership and communication training programs, George sets the standard for twenty first century men to fully occupy their space and hold space for their amazing women. You may know George as a blogger, from Facebook, or from his popular books on meditation, goal setting and survivorship. You may know his from seeing him on the mainstage at a conference or corporate event. But what you may not know is that since recovering from a rare leukemia over a decade ago, George has invested his life in the intellectual and spiritual understanding of conscious communication. He’s seen, first hand the power words can have. He’s invested his life in understanding how. Whether exploring the depths of spirituality or discussing leadership strategies for the 21st century – or both – George provides valuable transformational insight because over the past 30 years, he’s done it. He’s been up to his neck in it! And he’s learned how to show you how you can do it! The programs offered by Amazing Women International, Inc. have been called the Harvard MBA of Conscious Communications. The national media has called George the Indiana Jones of Performance Psychology.  He’s produced rock concerts for disaster relief, run marathons for charities, led expeditions in the Alps and hikes in the Outback.

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