Part 3: Let them know

Part 3: Let them know

Thank you for the beautiful notes and responses to this email series I’ve shared about “my dance with God!” Some of you shared your private journey and the ‘dance’ you’ve been in.  Some shared your insights as you dig into the journaling questions. I love hearing from you – thank you and please keep sharing!

This was shared by a dear and precious AWI alumni graduate:

“Dear Tracey—when I read your “Wrestling with God” series, that voice inside of me (which gets louder everyday), told me to share this with you… (Private details were shared).. Which is why I could appreciate deeply what you wrote. Thank you for sharing yourself so bravely. And amazingly, I just got asked to speak in front of 200 women – the first speaking engagement or public anything I have done for a long time.”

I was thrilled to receive this and deeply touched. The fact is, the work works!

In Part 1, I shared the deep, pulsating yearning inside of me to be ‘used fully’ and to unlock and unleash my full potential so I could get out there more, even though I was already doing well. I relentlessly hit God up in my journaling with the words “Let me out!” in our ongoing wrestling match. My life was good, but I felt like a star player that was being kept on the bench. I kept looking outside myself and nothing satisfied my yearning…

Then one day, God said to me “Let Me In” and it changed my life! It took me much deeper into myself, who I am and how I tick. It brought me into higher learning about the true spiritual nature of everything and what it means to be aligned with the Universe and present for life. Its force led me to be more feminine. It allowed me to catch a glimpse of how deep the rabbit hole goes, and the more I know, the more I surrender and humbly and joyfully accept how much I don’t know.

I stopped looking at everyone and everything else out there and did what I guide our clients to do – focus solely on what wants to come out of you so you can hear your own voice and what wants to be expressed through you. I made a ton of mistakes in the process and it was messy. I faced my fears and demons, and kept reaching for and choosing high spiritual truth. I found the magnificent moments in all of it, called in my amazing husband, rocked out our business and transform lives daily. And I continue to do the work everyday.

And then one day while journaling, I got the next 3 words: “Let Them Know.”

“Let them know the relationship we have, the role It plays in all areas. What’s really what, who’s who, and whose you really are.”

I was thrilled, and it started the next round of my ‘dance with God!’ TTK meditation on beach

So I did. And I do.

Everyday George and I pray and engage spiritually with our clients in our “Prosperity Playground™”. Our clients and inner circle know that our work is grounded in God and in doing your “GodWork.” We are a spiritual business that teaches speaking and feminine leadership, and our business is spiritually sourced. It’s not something we ‘add on’ or ‘dip into.’ It is our very core and foundation, the pillars of our team and all we do. Everyday we call each other higher and practice our tools so we can hold the space for the powerful transformation we experience and provide for our clients.

This is not a religious conversation by any means. It’s me sharing with you what I know.

The bottom line is there is no ‘getting out there’ until you go deeper within. You find your own voice, face your own demons (fear, grief, shame, loneliness, separation, inadequacy, etc) and stop favoring other people’s ‘stuff’ and stories over your own. You do all of this with the light of Truth and the “Lens of a Messenger™” so you know how this serves others.

When you do this with earnest and surrender, the stages and speaking gigs come to you. It means you have to let go of what all the noise ‘out there’ is telling you first.

This isn’t an ‘add on’ to your business work. It is the center of who you are and all else gets added on from there.

Let’s go ladies. It’s time, now.

This is the movement and the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been looking around for what’s going to give you access to your voice and impact.