It’s always best to hear from those who know. Here’s what a few of our amazing clients say about their results working with our team and Amazing Women International

Over double the return on my investment.

In under 90 days, Tracey rescued the entrepreneur in me.I generated well over double the return on my investment, all while doing what I love, keeping a sane schedule and enjoying quality time with my family. Her flavor of coaching is grounded in sharp business acumen and a deep understanding of feminine leadership. I wanted to stay on this amazing pace so I signed up for her program again!

by Lana Goldenberg, Entrepreneur from Speaker, Wife & Mom of two toddlers

Effortlessly attracting clients…even my marriage is better!

Working with Tracey, I hit my sales goals multiple times over, I’m effortlessly attracting clients and speaking opportunities, and even my marriage is better. I’m in my Sweetspot and I love it!

by Catherine Chevalier from Co-Founder, Not Maurice Advertising, Branding and Marketing

Tracey is an amazing coach – very hands-on, caring and supportive

The “Get Your Talk Done” intensive with Tracey was way more than I expected. The work is deep, personal and profound. Tracey is an amazing coach – very hands-on, very caring and very supportive. She truly fulfils the brand promise of her company name – Amazing Women. I experienced some profound insights at the workshop, and since through our personal coaching, and have made some deep shifts. Tracey has challenged me – that’s a good thing – and with her guidance I am producing great results in my coaching and training business.

by Janie Jordan-Meier from Author, Speaker, Crisis Communication and Media Expertt

Tracey pushed me to see the broader applications…

My personal experience of this workshop is that Tracey sees participants in a way that we do not see ourselves and it truly felt like she was channeling my higher purpose as she coached me in preparing my talk. I discovered that my gift and my areas of expertise are so much bigger than I was seeing and Tracey pushed me to see the broader applications for my business. I am now delivering international workshops, writing a book, building my own consulting business and engaging clients in public speaking forums. “Get Your Talk Done” is an amazing workshop and I highly recommend it – if you can take only class this year, sign up for this one!

by Achaessa James from Speaker, International Trainer and Founder of The WISE System