Coaching for Speakers and Entrepreneurs

 One-on-One Coaching

In one-on-one coaching, we  dive deep into your business, your vision and your challenges.
We meet for a full day or half day intensive, or through a series of private sessions. Together we focus on the inner work for your growth and the outer actions to create results for your business.

From becoming a more authentic, effective leader to delivering your brilliance as a speaker to growing your business to fulfill your dreams, everything is exclusively focused on you.

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Group Coaching

Unlike many other group programs, ours are kept small and intimate so you get both personal attention and the powerful dynamic of a group interaction.
Our coaching programs run from 3 to 9 months in duration, and focus on you as a leader as well as your business.

From Mastermind Programs to our Mastery Immersion, our programs are by application only. As such, you are joined by other amazing individuals who are playing as big a game as you are. Masterfully facilitated, we create a powerful synergy and accelerated results within the group dynamic. Plus, you’ll have a great time together.

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“Tracey is a masterful coach and a communications ‘midwife’, assisting her clients to shed old patterns, birth their authentic self and assume the seat of their true power.
Her intuitive gifts are keen, compassionate and truthful, enabling her to nail a client’s “inner roadblocks” and get to the heart of communication patterns that block one’s full potential, like a gentle detective.

What I received from her coaching is invaluable – literally in a matter of minutes she was able sense, assess and reflect back both my real truth and the defense mechanisms I had created. I was astounded at her accuracy as she simply observed my body language and listened to my tone of voice. Her ability to help me be more clear, refined and lasered in my messaging has been priceless.”

by MJM, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Tracey hears my issues with incisive clarity and quickly evaluates and reflects back exactly what I need to know (and may not want to hear). Then with firm assurance, heartfelt encouragement and uncanny wisdom, Tracey sets me on a path of positive communication, unlimited growth and deep understanding.”

by EA, Producer, Entrepreneur

“Your immediate insight on the way people can communicate more effectively is really a gift. I began to see immediate and positive shifts in my business from our work together. Thank you!”

by IR, Trainer, Entrepreneur

“I am still so amazed by my coaching experience with you. You are so powerful and yet so loving. Thank you!!”

by VT, Executive Coach

“I need to tell you how much I benefited from the coaching you did with me. It was so tremendous and impacted me in a way that was truly life-altering. Thank you so very much.”

by VS, Entrepreneur

“I truly LOVE your energy and ability to connect, you are priceless!”

by MA, Relationship Coach

“I just wanted to say thanks to you for showing me how to be myself again. I now am feeling so energized and alive. Thank you for your insight and guidance – it blew me away.”

by MG, Entrepreneur

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