Do you confidently connect the dots of your story to your audience in the most powerful way?

Do you know how you might unconsciously push people away instead of drawing them in?

Do you know how to consistently share what’s in your heart without holding back or losing credibility?

We get it.
We know what it’s like to have that burning message to share.
And to yearn to speak in the most authentic and congruent way.

That’s why we created the program we wanted and that our clients were asking for.
We go deeper so you can bring out more of YOU on any stage.

Our Messenger and Speaker Training starts where most others stop.


We work on your content with personal input and coaching to pull out the gold of your story, teaching and sales. You work on your delivery with personal feedback and guidance to have more presence and own any stage. You work on who you’re BEING as a messenger with the ‘inner game of speaking’, not just what you say and do. These are the game changers.


What you get when you join us in the “Speak with Soul” program:

  • Specific strategies for identifying the most powerful elements of your story
  • Personal feedback and expert guidance on how you show up on stage and deliver your content
  • How to establish your credibility and share your heart
  • Tons of practice time to become more congruent, integrated and embodied
  • Expand the space you hold and capacity to BE your message
  • Claim who you are and speak to it unapologetically
  • Bust through where you hide out and hold back
  • Give yourself permission, build self-trust and take greater risks
  • Crack open the hearts of your audience for a deeper connection
  • Own the “Language of Leadership” in your bones
  • Master your emotions so you know what to do if you mess up
  • Learn to manage the energy in the room so you can feel into what is most needed in the moment
  • Build your confidence, influence with more power and be more vulnerable
  • How to be vulnerable and still command the stage


Everything you learn can be used on any stage (live or virtual), at networking events, in your marketing videos and in one-on-one conversations. You can use what you’ll learn to retool your marketing and make sure you STAND OUT … and not just fit in!


First, we roll up our sleeves and focus on your content so you transform your talk or finally get it done. You will learn how to

  • Craft your core message and develop your ‘road map’ so you never have to memorize a talk again
  • Identify the most powerful elements of your story and how to connect them to your audience in a more clear and powerful way
  • Let people know why you are credible, relatable and genuinely care about them and their needs
  • Connect with your audiences in an authentic and engaging way so they ‘know, like and trust’ you quickly
  • Make your offer and invite people to take action in a way that’s compelling, not ‘salesy’, and authentically in service
  • Leverage and modify your talk for any length of time whether on someone else’s stage or on your own.

Next, we focus on your delivery and presence so you rock on any stage. Through live, in-person training, play and exercises, you will

  • Get direct and personal guidance on the way you deliver your talk
  • Become more clear and congruent with interactive practice
  • Exude more confidence as you embody your message
  • Learn how you impact your audience with real time feedback
  • Create a deeper connection with your audience
  • Be present and poised by being more YOU on stage
  • Let yourself be seen and expose your deepest truth
  • Trust in yourself to “let it rip” and “leave it all on the stage”
  • Bust through where you hide out and hold back
  • Know how to ‘dance’ in the moment with your audience and intuition and stay on track
  • Be more clear about what makes you great and unmistakable
  • Manage your energy and be aware of the energy in the room
  • Learn how to get on other people’s stages or create your own events and workshops
  • Become more versatile as a speaker in any environment



When you join “Speak with Soul,” you get personal support so you don’t have to figure out what
to include in your talk on your own.

You get expert guidance on what to share, what not to share and how to share it in a way that makes a difference and is transformational.

You get personal feedback on how you come across verbally and non-verbally (your body language) so you know what’s in your way and what’s working for you.

Authentic + Congruent +  Prepared + Practiced + Embodied = YOU ON ANY STAGE

There’s so much more that you get that is priceless.


Get Your Talk Done Virtual Program ($2700 Value)


2 Months of “Speak with Soul Master Your Message” Monthly Q&A Call ($1,200 Value)


VIP Access to 3 “Messenger Masters” Expert Calls with our Strategic Partners (Topics may include Systems, Sales and Social Media) ($1,500 Value)



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January 29-February 1, 2015

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“I emerged with a clear mission, message, speech and mostly importantly, a HUGE shift in how I see myself which I believe will affect my business, my relationships and most importantly my joy. I learned how to bring all parts of myself together and see how I can do that for others. Within a few weeks of the workshop, I had already booked three speaking gigs! What made this experience unique was the intimacy, which felt so safe and personal. This work is invaluable!

by by Wendi Knox from Creative Director and Entrepreneur from Founder of “Oh My Goddess

The workshop I did with Tracey truly launched me as a successful entrepreneur who builds my training business through public speaking. I speak to groups of 50-1,000 all over the country and continue to a top performer in the world within my industry. What I got from Tracey is how to be authentic and just have a conversation with folks. You have to be comfortable in your skin to do that…Thank you Tracey for your gift that continues to give to me!

by Victoria Trafton,Speaker, Trainer and from Owner Referral Training and Consulting Company

“I have worked with a ton of teachers, coaches, healers and what was different from any other program was that it really encompassed me – from what I went through and learned from my childhood, adulthood, corporate background and now my business and being an entrepreneur. Not only do I now know how all of that comes into my message and my topic, but who is my real target audience and how I need to talk to them. This was an amazing program and I could not ask for anything more than what I got. I’m really excited to bring this out to the world. Thank you!”

by Desiree Meza, Speaker, Founder of from Diving Spiritual Living

You’ll see why seasoned speakers come to us for the inside edge to be more authentic and not ‘staged’. To take greater risks and be more vulnerable without losing credibility.

We watched over and over what happened when the women dropped their masks and found their true feminine voice and essence, and how it transformed how they spoke and showed up on stage.

Ever since, our deepest passion is guiding messengers like YOU to get on stage to be more confident, clear and fully expressed so you can help more people, create powerful results and share your message as the amazing, delicious YOU!





Laying a Solid and Authentic Foundation

Get clear on what makes you credible and has people want to learn and hire you What’s in your way and blocking your confidence and charisma on stage.




Your Audience and Your Invitation/Offer

    The critical factors your audience needs to create the ‘know, like and trust’ factor How to sell and invite people to work with you so you’re excited and passionate.
The critical factors your audience needs to create the ‘know, like and trust’ factor How to sell and invite people to work with you so you’re excited and passionate.



Your Story from Pain to Transformation

    How to share your story so your audience feels more connected to you How to be most natural and present when you are sharing your story, no matter what comes up.



Starting to Understand Your Presence

      How YOU Show Up on Stage How to command the room and lead from the stage, and stay feminine. Key mistakes you may be making unconsciously, including non-verbal cues, that diminish your power and credibility.



Action Plan and Celebration Key

      Immediate next steps to build your speaking Highlights and critical success factors to be a rockstar speaker on stage.




Speak with Presence

How you feel on stage is palpable to the audience. It oozes out of your presence and delivery on any stage. You’ll find out what you’re doing unconsciously to either draw people to you or push them away.



The Gap Inside the Gap

Breakthrough technology to have you own your credibility and let go of what’s been holding you back with this powerful exercise.



Your REAL Target Audience and A Deeper Connection with your Audience

Never worry again about who is your ‘target niche’ when you KNOW your true client and audience. We’ll show you how to speak straight into their hearts in a more intimate and profound way.



How to Sell with Soul and The “Language of Leadership”

Certain words establish your leadership while others diminish your power. Owning the stage and managing your energy when you move into your ‘close’ determines your results. With real-time feedback as we practice in the room, you will transform your capacity to sell and serve from any stage.



The Energetics of Speaking (verbal and non verbal)

Your energy on stage makes or breaks you. You’ll learn how to manage your energy and the energy in the room. And how your body language is speaking volumes way beyond your words.



Embodying your Message and who you’re being

The way you feel your message impacts the message your body sends. Occupying your space and being congruent shifts the way you show you up on stage and in life.



“It’s like nothing else I’ve ever done before. I really get to tap into who I really am.  And I get to tap into the emotion of that. I can actually connect with the people I want to work with and the people I’m speaking to. I’m moving into this whole new era where I’m really doing work that’s even more fulfilling, more connected. It’s something that I’m just exceptionally excited about!”

by Natalie Ledwell, Speaker, Author, Co-Founder of from Mindmovies.com

Initially, I was skeptical because I didn’t think I had it in me to actually get my talk done. I was not too sure how to piece everything together. I thought that every other person was smarter in the room and would do a way better job. And when it was finally my turn to get on stage and delivery my talk, I felt I was in it, that I was able to own it, and I delivered it! I’m incredibly grateful to Tracey and George for what they were able to help me with and through. And help me become the woman I am today.

by Yvonne Basten, Entrepreneur, Managing Director from eWomen Network Calgary

Tracey Trottenberg is honestly one of the most powerful speakers I’ve seen on the platform. I’ve seen a lot of people on the platform, but she has this amazing way of really embracing the woman that she is. She has this feminine leadership thing going on which I love and I admire. I’ve watched the work that Tracey does with women. She completely transforms who they are on the platform. I highly, highly, highly recommend that if you are a woman speaker that you check Tracey out so that you’re able to explore, discover and then really express the feminine leader that you are.

by Liora Mendeloff, Founder from Women Speaker Association

My personal experience is that Tracey sees participants in a way that we do not see ourselves and it truly felt like she was channeling my higher purpose as she coached me. I discovered that my gift and my areas of expertise are so much bigger than I was seeing and Tracey pushed me to see the broader applications for my business. I am now delivering international workshops, writing a book, building my own consulting business and engaging clients in public speaking forums.

by Achaessa James from Speaker, International Trainer and Founder of The WISE Sys

Based on our experience, these are some of the things that might be going through your mind right now:

“I’m not ready yet. Don’t I need to have everything else in place first before I start speaking?” 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions we hear and this simply is NOT true! The “Speak with Soul” program will make a huge and positive difference for all your materials (website, messaging, ezine, etc.) because you will become clear on your message from the inside out. We will also help you see how to integrate and leverage across all your ‘platforms’ because we believe “everything is a stage.” When you know how to craft your message and deliver your talk, how to share your story and present your credibility and speak about your programs and offerings, you become WAY more effective in all other areas! This is not an either/or situation. Getting your message clear is a powerful and effective way to accelerate and streamline all your marketing and business efforts.

“I’m already speaking, how will this help me?”

We love this question! Good for you if you are out there speaking and we’re sure you’re making a positive difference with people already. Chances are, that with your experience, you already recognize the incredible value of getting direct feedback on how you actually show up on stage, as well as some guidance and enhancements to your talk. Like most of us, you probably have some habits or unconscious things that you do on stage verbally or non verbally, which may be holding you back or impeding your results. Imagine how much more effective you could be with expert feedback to your stage presence, delivery and content. You likely realize that even one tweak could explode your results. We cannot see our own eyebrows (as a dear friend always says) and we all need feedback. Especially as a speaker.

“I want to use a structure but I don’t want to be locked in or squeezed into a cookie cutter system.”

Neither do we! Nothing about us is cookie cutter, and we don’t want that for you! This is about you learning what works, and then making it work for you. It’s about giving yourself permission to allow more of the real you to come out. We’ll show you how to do that in a clear, cohesive and effective way. Then you get to bring out the most delicious YOU out on stage!

“I don’t like the way some speakers sell from the stage and I don’t want to be salesy.”

Again, neither do we! But let’s clarify what this means, because the key here is HOW you do it, not iF you do it. ‘Selling’ from the stage is about SERVING your audience. You must give them an opportunity to go deeper with you if they choose, because without that, you are ripping them off. When you are compelling on stage, you are magnetic. They are drawn to you because they see themselves in you, and they want what you have for themselves. That’s what you are doing your job as a messenger and leader. And that’s why you need to provide them with a next step for their own growth and transformation. The key here is to know how to share your offer without being ‘salesy.’ Done right, you feel in service and your audience is served. This happens when you are passionate about what you’re offering and you maintain that energy and connection with your audience from start to finish. Again, this is what we do in the course and we’ll teach you how to offer and invite people to work with you, and feel amazing about it!

“There aren’t enough stages and there are too many speakers out there.”

This is just not true. There are so many places that need great content and speakers. The problem is that there aren’t enough speakers, especially women speakers, that know how to be powerful, effective and stay feminine on stages. If you are only looking to be on big main stages, it can take time to build your credibility, and know who and how to get there. But that may not even be the best stage or place for YOU! You may be better with smaller audiences, where you are more visible, desirable and in demand. There’s also creating your own stage, which is one of the best ways to grow your impact and your money. The bottom line is that belief of lack and scarcity will destroy your options. The truth is that there are stages for YOU everywhere!

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January 29-February 1, 2015

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Who is behind this event

Tracey Trottenberg

Tracey Trottenberg

As a Master Trainer and Professional Speaker working across the globe for over two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and specialists to help them hone their message and show up more authentic and powerful on stage. I’m honored to have been a top ten finalist in EWomen Network’s 2013 “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” out of thousands.

I love teaching women how to step into their authentic voice and own any stage. I can’t wait to have you experience that for yourself when you join George and me for the Speak with Soul program!




George P Kansas

George P Kansas

I’ve been speaking professionally for over 20 years. I’m an author, a former lawyer, single dad and cancer survivor. Through it all, I’ve learned how to teach you how to transcend challenging circumstances and find joy in the journey. I’ve also learned how to connect my experience to the message to transform audiences. I’ve spoken to thousands across the globe. It’s why I’m so excited to have you join Tracey and me for Speak with Soul to help you do the same.