Give Thanks and Celebrate

Give Thanks and Celebrate

We just arrived back in LA after a beautiful week on the East Coast!GPK slicing turkey_nov2014

We had an amazing time with family and celebrated an early Thanksgiving. As you can see, George was masterful (and looking great) at carving! Of course there were non-turkey options as well, and we all feasted and filled our bellies, and laughed and filled our souls!

This is such a special time of year. Whether you’re here in the US celebrating this holiday or in a different country sharing the joy and appreciation, we are celebrating you!

There’s so much going on at AI HQ right now! We’re expanding our team, working on a few special projects and gearing up for an amazing “Speak with Soul: Rock From The Stage” at the end of January. (Stay tuned for a very special appreciation gift we have coming for you later this week!)

There are no shortcuts to becoming an “Embodied Messenger™” and growing your business as an expression of the true expression of who you really are and what you’re really about.

The holidays are a perfect time to discover how far along you really are on your journey. There’s a great saying that if you want to see how transformed you really are, spend time with your family!

Well, this holiday is a chance to do just that.

Thanksgiving is a chance to gather around a table and connect intimately.

How are you showing up to the dinner table conversation? Are you connecting in every conversation from your true authentic core?

As a woman, that includes your feminine essence. It’s embodied in your presence. For a man, it’s how you “Occupy your space™”. Regardless of gender, it’s who you’re being and how you show up. That’s leadership and being a Messenger.

You can bring that to every conversation.

As a woman, when you give yourself permission to be fully engaged and fully expressed, to show your brilliance and your passion, to stand in your truth, you will inspire others and connect at a deeper level.

It is something that you can do with just a smile, and suddenly everyone is lit up. It is something you can do with just being present. Without saying a word. By being comfortable in your skin and holding space for them to connect more deeply with you. And, with themselves.

I’m so very grateful for all the times I am told that I have changed someone’s life, or said something that sparked them in a way that no one ever has. They were touched because I shared from my heart and stood in my passion and enthusiasm. Modeling what’s possible for them.

This is true for you too.

As Messengers, we are ignitors. We bring a spark that is contagious. I want for you to know how to bring this forth in every conversation you have, including these holidays. It’s a gift that you bring. It’s who you are. This depth of connection and real conversation is the true ‘food’ that people hunger for…including (and especially) this holiday season.

Think about what you are bringing to every conversation as you gather around the table. Every conversation is an opportunity to create intimacy and genuine connection. The energy you bring will ignite others and spark them from the inside.

You said you want to ‘speak on stage,’ right? Well, remember that “Everything is a Stage!” Not something you flick on, but who you BE and how you show up. Everywhere you go.

Be that this holiday season and watch the transformation happen all around you. That’s real impact and influence. And definitely something to be grateful for!

Enjoy the moments you have with friends and family from your most amazing, present and delicious self!