The Deeper Conversation

  • Have you been yearning for a more real, authentic and meaningful conversation about what it really takes to succeed?
  • Are you tired of hearing the same “pitch” and the same empty promises over and over in the marketing messages you receive?
  • Are you feeling the shift – or feeling the need to make a shift – and want to connect at a deeper level with the people who are creating impact with a new model of collaboration and connection?

If you’re like me…then I know you’re saying YES!

That’s why I created The Deeper Conversation, an exciting series of conversations with some of the greatest movers and shakers of ur time to get into the real stuff that few are talking openly about but so many are feeling – and I bet you are one of them!

You see, you are not alone in feeling the shift. You are not alone in trying to figure out how to ‘play big’ and succeed in this time of tremendous change.  For the past several months, I’ve had a personal mission to engage the people I most admire in deep, meaningful conversations.  Many of the thought leaders I’ve singled out are women; women who are really doing it, and they are as excited as I am to “come clean” and reveal the whole story behind their journey to success.

You will candid conversations about the challenges, the triumphs, the spiritual-grit they had to find within and the blessings that brought them to states of deep humility and gratitude.  These deeply transformative conversations are what I am now going to share with you.

Deeper: Real and vulnerable: not just the surface ‘rah rah’, but here’s my heart and my humanity.

Conversation: We play ‘unscripted’ to allow the unexpected to emerge, the unsaid to be exposed, and the juicy to be expressed.


You’ll be privy to what it really takes to live, lead and succeed from your truth, passion and purpose in the midst of changing times.
You’ll leave feeling inspired, activated, validated and more connected to your own Truth. And you’ll learn a few things you can implement right away.

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Please join me for this series of intimate and provocative conversation with thought leaders, experts and those on the path, as we dig deeper and expose what really goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and what it really takes to speak, lead and stay true to who you are and what’s in your heart.


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