The Journey Is Often Messy!

The Journey Is Often Messy!

I would like to share and speak with you candidly about some things I’ve been passionate about for a long time, and deeply believe need to be brought ‘into the light’ within our industry.

I recently spoke at a wonderful event as a keynote speaker and was very honored and excited. It’s a community George and I love being a part of and feel a mutual appreciation for the shared gifts and talent in that group. In my talk, I stepped ‘outside the lines’ and shook a few things, and a few folks, up.  It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken at a multi-speaker event. In fact, it’s been a long time since I attended one. I’ve been ‘off the grid’ of those kinds of events for very specific reasons. Only because I was the speaker did I attend one right now.

As I sat in the room with many folks and colleagues I respect and love, I watched the energy in the room – both on and off stage. I watched the flow of each speaker, what was shared and what was offered, and, I felt a bit surprised.

I had beautiful connections with women as I walked down the hall, or in the bathroom, or even just turning around and making eye contact. Some were in tears within seconds of connecting with me, and all shared their deeper desire and pain. That did not surprise me.

The truth is for me, having been immersed in and around this industry and speaker training for over 10 years, and a speaker and trainer for 20 years, I was struck by a lot of the ‘old school’ stuff I saw, and a bit turned off. The good news is that it reignited my passion for how much I love speaker training, ‘new school’ style — ie “the Messenger training from the inside out” that we teach – and am excited that we’re gearing up for more of that soon!

All that said, when I was praying on what to share in that room, I got the hit – you have to wake them up and help them see and remember their truth.

I sat the night before to work on my slides, and the more I tried, the more information was downloaded and I felt overwhelmed. So I took a bath and went to sleep.

When I got up, I asked again for clarity, and got even more information.

But when I went to simplify the slides, it wasn’t flowing for me and then I realized I didn’t have the adaptor I needed, so I couldn’t use slides anyway.

That was great news!

So I trusted and surrendered.

As I stood in front of everyone, I felt a surge of energy to call out what felt like the elephant in the room, and do so with love and respect. I went for it! I even overstated it at times, because I could see the souls waking up.

It was amazing and the feedback was beautiful! Tears were shed, hearts were opened, permission to be themselves was granted and transformation had occured.

And, there were a few feathers that were a bit ruffled too. The beautiful part was that it opened up amazing conversations and was a wonderful opportunity to get closer to a few folks whom I deeply respect and care for, and get closer to my own truth to help me hone in even more. It was powerful, amazing, and feminine! Of course, there’s always tweaks and learning for the next time, and I’m so grateful for the whole experience!

What emerged for me and for George on an even-deeper level, was how strong our passion is to bring the ‘conscious communication’ conversation to the forefront of our industry. And to call out some of the more challenging truths that are essential to evolving into your calling.

The journey of the messenger is messy, until it’s elegant (and it’s often both).

The journey of the messenger is to discern and ‘dance’ between ego and soul, and choose from moment-to-moment with great presence and courage.

The journey of the messenger is to be willing to risk for a greater purpose, and to step outside of the norm to ‘stand out from among them’ with love and light.

As George says: “Systems are critical. But no system, no template, no formula can compensate for an empty message or incongruent messenger.”

And that is an ongoing work in progress!

As messengers, we have to be willing to let it be messy at times, and always take a stand, and stand in a truth that is loving. Both George and I deeply believe that we have a divine duty to make it safe to find new conversations in our industry that pull back from money, flash and copying systems as the primary focus, and instead puts it back on people, evolution and caring for each other so we all heal and help ourselves, each other, the kids, animals and our planet. It’s about love, divine truth and who we’re being as the foundation for what we’re doing out in the world.

We’ll be talking more about this at the “Own, Honor and Unleash” Live Experience in less than two weeks. We want YOUR voice and presence as part of this. YOUR conversation and willingness to step outside of the lines is needed now, with love and from your feminine heart. That’s the beautiful work we do together in our community, and we want YOU to join us!

OHU 2015_Sonia close up on stage

Women will be setting themselves free to UNLEASH their real voice, OWN what is true in their hearts and HONOR their unique and divine essence.

Ask yourself: “What would be possible if I gave myself permission to stop hiding and shine as the REAL ME now?”

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This is so juicy! I invite you to say YES to YOUR deep desire to be free to be the version of you that you know in your heart is meant to be out in the world, and become the messenger YOU dream of being!

Join us Own, Honor and Unleash as a precious gift to yourself, and wrap your arm around a woman you care about and bring her with you so she can grow too. Let’s share this with more women as we need more women’s voices on stages and in the world, and more women in this conversation. And that includes YOU! Click Here for all of the details!