There is only now.

After an incredible “Own, Honor and Unleash” last month and launching our new Mastery and Sacred Circle programs, I was spent. I needed some time off and time to invest back into me. I knew where I had to go. I followed my heart and answered the call I’ve been hearing to go back to the Mayan Riviera – a particular area that I love. Tracey in Mexico

I went alone as George had to stay back east and take care of some important things. Thank goodness for Skype and HiTalk and LD plans – I’m so grateful we live in this era of great technology!

I decided I needed to do what was right for me. He decided to support me fully. In fact his words were “if being apart and making this investment means I get to have an even better version of my wife – more relaxed, inspired, rested and more of her amazing self – then yeah, I’ll go a few days without you.”

I felt so supported. I wish that for you. George and I are committed to expanding this conversation so partners can hold this for each other, and every woman gets to experience this.

It was an amazing trip! Very quiet and peaceful.

My energy feels very delicious – deeper and more present. More feminine. More spacious inside myself. More connected to my true nature.

I connected even more deeply with the Truth that there is only this moment. There is no tomorrow unless I allow my thoughts to go there. When I do, there’s worry, anxiety and uncertainty.  There’s no yesterday unless I allow my thoughts to go there. In that, there’s pain and guilt, regret, second guessing and doubt.

There is only now.

And in this, there is everything. Every possibility for full self expression. Full connection with yourself and with others. Full realization of your dreams and heart’s desires.

In this, there is every possibility to rock on stage. Bring magnificent and magnetic presence to your audience and they can’t help but feel connected and engaged.

And this is where abundance can fulfill itself. When you’re present and in the now, new clients or prospects show up and you can recognize them, and them you.

This “Now” thing is a bit tricky and may seem to conflict with everything that says we need goals and a future vision. Here’s how to make it work (I love the “Science of Getting Rich” because it provides amazing learning in this):

Have a vision and be connected to your true desires.

Get crystal clear so you can feel it in your bones. Know that it is possible because if you desire it, the way to manifest it must be there as well.

Have it be as real as you can make it in your inner world first.

Then, let it go.

See everything in front of you right now as the steps to get to that vision. Be present with all the things you have today, the people and tasks, and give it your best. Not as a ‘means to an end,’ but rather an opportunity to be, give and show up fully.

Being a feminine leader means connecting with yourself on a deeper level first, with Spirit, and with the ‘Now’ of your life. It means deepening your spiritual practice. Listening to your own voice before anyone else will listen to you.

To be the woman you dream of being, you have to be in your heart, not your head. To BE, and not always do. To feel yourself from the inside so others can feel themselves in your presence. To feel God’s love and your own love. And… to “Speak, Lead and Stay Feminine” from this place.

Here are three immediate action steps you can apply now:

1-    Connect with yourself more deeply. Whether it’s a trip or a nap, time with a friend or time alone, make sure you give yourself time to listen to you. ‘Busy’ is boring and passé. It’s time to create spaciousness in your life and business, even while you’re in the midst of the millions of things to do. Build time in your schedule for yourself and do this FIRST. Before you block off time for everything and everyone else, schedule in some time for you first and often.

2-    Have a spiritual practice. Read books that inspire you. Have conversations that build and feel supportive. Meditate and journal.  Do this at a regular time if you can so it becomes a regular practice.

3-    Love yourself and the process. You will ‘fall off the wagon,’ that’s ok and part of the gig. When you do, speak to yourself with words that encourage and accept. Don’t judge or beat yourself up. Commit fully to the process and recognize that it’s not something you ‘turn on and off.’ It becomes who you BE and then from there, inspired action and the ‘doing’ emerges. Just be good to yourself and gentle as you grow and become more aware.

When you bring and BE conscious and present, you are being that which you are looking for or hoping to become. That’s exciting! When you are present and in the ‘now’ as a messenger and feminine leader, you are creating an experience for yourself and others that is out of the norm. It is compelling and engaging, because you are available for what wants to happen. Not pushing or forcing. Just present. Enthusiastic. Grounded. A true feminine leader. That’s hot!
With love and in service to your brilliance,