What’s the REAL conversation?

What do you really want to speak about and share?

What do your clients really want to talk about?

What are the conversations that really want to happen through and around you?

I’m exploring this with a lot of clients these days. What it’s like to feel ‘off the mark’ of what your soul and spirit yearns to speak about, or market about. I know what that’s like, and those were very difficult times.

You may be there right now.

You may feel unsatisfied with what you’re putting out there. You may feel like you’re really ‘trying’, but it’s hard and not getting you results. You may feel disconnected from the old school ‘rules’ of business.

The old way doesn’t work anymore. It’s an ‘outside in’ model.

It’s time to go ‘inside out.’

For your message. Your business. Your feminine leadership. Your speaking.

It’s the only way you’ll feel fulfilled and allow the results you’re meant to experience.
There’s a new way that’s emerging and you are part of that!
Much of the old conversation about what and how “they” say to do it all is passé.
When you’re focused on your GodWork, everything else falls into place.

Let’s discuss what’s real and what’s passé:
“Niche” – passé. When you know who you really serve and what they truly ask from you, you won’t worry about the ‘who’. You won’t struggle with ‘finding your niche’ because it will be as natural as breathing to know who you are meant to support, lead and guide.

And, YOUR perfect person will KNOW and RECOGNIZE you.


They’ll see themselves in you.

It’s very simple when you get what’s really going on.

“Signature Talks” – passé. When you know your message and how to put it together, how to share yourself, teach and connect the dots for your audience, you’ll never worry about that ‘box’ again.

You’ll deliver and share what WANTS to come through that will have the highest impact and relevance for your audience. Not scripted or stick exactly to what you memorized, but instead be prepared enough to know yourself, your message, your truth and who you serve. To follow a ‘roadmap’ vs a ‘boxed in’ talk (that’s exactly what we teach in “Get Your Talk Done”. It’s not a signature talk, instead it’s a template for your real message.) That’s when you can be open and available to ‘dance’ with the talk and your audience in real time.

Present. Poised. Confident. Clear.

Fully alive. Not canned.

“Elevator speech, 30 second commercial, etc” – passé. When you know how you’re meant to GIVE and SHARE the gifts that are uniquely yours and the impact they make, in a way that teaches, inspires and offers real value, you can’t help but know what to say and how to connect instantly.  It’s clear because you are clear. It connects because you are connected. About who you are, what you really want to say, how you really serve others and the impact of all of the above.

This is when you LIVE in ease and grace. Not just talk about the concept of it.

You’re inspired to create. To express your truth, not ‘try’ to deliver what you think you should or other people say you should (I get it – I’ve been there!)

You are in your ‘zone’ and it’s easy. Not a struggle. You create space for it to come through you, not force it. You don’t have to worry or compare yourself to others. Instead, you trust. And deliver your unique ‘special sauce’.

You know the results you help people create and you share generously.

You’re willing to be vulnerable and visible because it serves your soul, and theirs.

You do the work to be in alignment with all of this – not as a one shot deal, but a moment by moment, day by day consciousness.

And of course you get support and aligned guidance. To play at this level, you get that you’re not meant to do it alone.

You attract the perfect people, opportunities and stages to you. You see what fits, and drop what doesn’t fit for you anymore.

You are awake through your life, business and leadership.

Old school speaking, marketing, business and leadership are done.

If you’re nodding, buzzing, smiling or feel elevated reading this, then you know it’s true. You’re ready for a new way of doing business, speaking and leading while staying feminine. Even if you have no idea ‘what’ or ‘how’, this is Truth and you feel it.

These are just some of the higher level conversation we’re having at AWI, with our clients and in our programs. You create on ‘rock’, not ‘sand.’

It’s all from the inside out.

Welcome to the REAL YOU as a Messenger and Feminine Leader!

Here are 3 things you can do right away:

1-    Explore what you love about yourself and your work. Get this and it will be the start of everything else.

2-    Stop comparing and looking to others to copy or follow. You’ve probably heard me say this many times – there is no system that will give you YOU. Find YOUR ‘Special Sauce’ and get support to really claim it, name it and share it.

3-    Trust that what you feel in your heart is real. If the old ways seem more like struggle and not right for you, trust that feeling and give space to what ‘wants’ to emerge through you. Journal about this and I’d love to hear about it too!

This is the new way. New time. New YOU.

Let’s get rocking!