What’s your frequency as a speaker?

What’s your frequency as a speaker?

Everything you say – verbally and non verbally – has an energy and frequency. It’s the underlying essence that transcends words and transforms lives.

It’s palpable and people feel it.

It’s what magnetizes and attracts, or pushes people away.

Just look at whom you admire (insert your own if these don’t fit for you):

Oprah is high vibration and high frequency. Even when she goes through struggles, she holds a higher energy and space for truth and transformation, especially as she keeps revealing what she’s really about as a messenger. She could not have the impact and success she does without holding this consciousness.

Barbra Streisand has a frequency, not just sound, that is breathtaking. She sings from a higher place and her voice pierces through and right to the soul, pitch perfect. You get lost in the divinity of the energy of the vibration she emits and shares through song…if you’re open to feel and really listen to the energy of what’s in and beyond the words.

Pharrell Williams and his song “Happy” is a clear testament to what’s possible when you share your message from the highest vibration. There’s"The Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute To The Beatles" - Fixed Show no question in my mind that this song was such a global hit – including the most downloaded song in the UK – and that it had people doing their own rendition because he has chosen to be this clear about his message and who he is as a messenger. He wrote the lyrics, and if you saw his performance on the Grammy’s, and his acknowledgment of God afterwards as well as on the Voice, then you know what I’m talking about. To me, this is the clearest indicator that true success and impact come when you take a stand and speak, or sing, from the highest frequency.

As a speaker, YOUR voice and message could be the same. You can impact people because you are playing at a higher frequency and show up in a higher vibration.

A new friend and colleague I respect and admire just said to me “I could listen to you speak all day – your voice uplifts me and gives me peace.”

I was grateful. She felt beyond the words: what transcended the specifics of what was said, but came from my passion for my purpose, speaking from my soul.

That’s from years of working on myself and being a speaker. Taking risks, making tons of mistakes, and having success. Everyday I work on myself to grow as a messenger while always working on my message, business and craft. It’s the blend of wealth consciousness and spiritual work married with business strategy and action.

When I understood the truth about energy and vibration, I knew that was the fuel to fulfill my desire to be my greatest expression. It’s my soul speaking and allowing it to have its full voice. It’s why we have wealth consciousness as a core pillar in our work with clients.

How about you?

What do you sound like when you speak?

Not just your ‘pitch,’ but what is your vibration?

What does it feel like to listen to you?

You can’t want to get out there and grow as a speaker and hold on to an old frequency. Something has to shift…and it’s you.
It’s in your conversations and how you show up everywhere. On stage and off stage. At networking events and in your marketing. On videos and in your sales conversations.

There is a way you as a woman may communicate that is either high frequency – filled with enthusiasm, passion and purpose – or low frequency, which is when you get into complaining, comparing and diminishing yourself.

This is a big deal – how you use speaking, sharing and conversation to connect and bond with others, especially other women. There’s a rampant tendency among women to bring yourself down, play small and not be ‘too great’ for fear of being different or being judged.

That’s what I call ‘wound sharing’ and it’s a low vibration.

This is unconscious and based on personal, cultural and social habits and patterns. How you were raised and had to ‘make it’, succeed and survive. And what’s socially ok, or not, according to others.

This is sad and painful for a lot of women, and was for me too. I grew up afraid of being ‘too much’ and didn’t want to outshine anyone in my family or friends, so I dimmed my light a lot. I thought it’s what I had to do to be accepted and get love. It’s what I did in my first marriage and then learned that I had used all my past relationships to hide and not be too bright…which I hear now from women all the time.

Of course it was not conscious, but it was painful. And that’s what pushed me to keep growing. I knew playing small and hiding was not the true me. There was so much more to be expressed. I knew I wanted to be, and would do whatever it takes, to be a speaker and get my message out.

I hear this from women all the time too. I may have even heard it from you too, or you may be feeling the same.

What you say has an energy and frequency. If you’re staying in emotional spin, confused or have a low wealth consciousness, you’re in a low vibration. Your fear and feelings around money, self worth, where you should be and what success you’ve had, or not had yet, are impacting your success.

No system, no amount of social media, emails or other marketing will override that lower frequency. You’ll just push harder and exhaust yourself, squeak in some results but feel like it’s all a struggle.

No ‘signature talk’ will give you the connection, conversion and impact you seek if you don’t pay attention about who you’re being, not just what you say.

georgetraceypinksweaterIt’s time to get to work on your vibration!

Notice how you show up in conversations all the time: if you lower yourself so as not stand out or don’t want to ‘rock the boat.’ If your fear of outshining anyone overrides your desire to be more of the real you.  Check yourself everywhere – on stage, out networking, on sales calls, even at the dinner table or with your partner.

Become conscious of your communications and pay attention to how you show up in any conversation. Are you bringing a higher vibe or are you fitting into the frequency that’s there?

And, stay close. George and I are committed to our entire community raising our frequency together. Your message has to get out there and you’re meant for what you dream of having, and even more true, becoming who you dream of being as a messenger, speaker and feminine leader!

You can do this.

Let’s rock this out together!