Why is being visible so scary?

Why is being visible so scary?

Truth is, I don’t know any woman who doesn’t struggle with this at some point, in one way or another.

I have never heard of anyone that we see out there who looks like they’re at ease, have it all together and rock on any kind of stage that hasn’t had her own battle and faced her fear of being visible.

Carol Burnett, the beloved comedienne and an amazing woman from what I know of her, would throw up before a performance.carol burnett

Imagine that!

Puke. Literally. Couldn’t hold it in. And it was widely known she went through that performance after performance.

Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, Warren Buffet are just a few others who were afraid to speak.

But something bigger helped them overcome that…

So, why would we, entrepreneurs and women building our business think we shouldn’t be scared? Why be ashamed of having fear of being visible?

Why stay hidden or stuck?

Can we smile lovingly at ourselves for thinking we should know better?

Can we laugh at our humanity for thinking something’s wrong with being afraid or uncomfortable to get on stage, speak at a networking event, shoot a video, or even do a sales conversation and use that as a reason to stop or stay small?

That’s just so human!

Here’s the deal – it IS scary to be seen.

Judgment, ridicule, rejection, humiliation and a whole slew of other scary things could happen when you put yourself out there. This is our perception, and it feels very real.

It’s very human – whether you’re an entrepreneur, business woman or celebrity. We’re not all that different!

Especially if you’re sensitive.

Especially if you’re an introvert.

Especially if you’re spiritual.

How do I know? Because these are all me too!

I almost passed out more than once when I started speaking. As I write this, I could still feel that twinge of what it felt like in my body in the early days when I got lightheaded before and on stage.

But that didn’t stop me, no way!

So what’s the ‘antidote’ to staying small and hidden? To get over your fear and not have to get sick to your stomach or pass out every time?

You need to know YOUR WHY.

That’s what had Carol B and Julie R and the others push past it and go for it anyway.

They knew their why. It was bigger than their reasons why ‘not’. They wanted it badly enough. They got training to develop their craft. They prepared, got support and did the work.

YOU need your why to be bigger than anything else.

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