You must own your blessings

I am a blessed woman. I’m married to the most amazing man, and we live our passions and do our GodWork individually and together.

My family is healthy. My parents are rocking it out and both George and I are blessed with perfect health, and our healthy family and friends.

I do what I love each and every day. I host events and am invited to speak on stages all over the country and touch so many lives.

Our clients are rocking and everyday we celebrate their successes of new revenue, new speaking gigs, and new breakthroughs that can only come with the deep inner work we do in our programs.

I travel, play and live in a beautiful home and enjoy all the goodies of life. Living in wealth consciousness and holding the high watch on prosperity, and teaching our clients to do the same.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Not that long ago I came to this country with one suitcase, a one-way ticket, and money for only one month’s rent.

I made money, then didn’t. I had success, then it went away. I once sold my first engagement ring to pay rent. I couldn’t hold the vibration or ‘container’ to sustain wealth or feel worthy to keep what I brought in. I was broke on the inside and outside.

I was alone or in relationships where I knew I didn’t really belong. I ‘pretzeled’ to fit in. Squeezing myself to be different so it could work out…and knowing inside I wasn’t being honest nor following my true desire.

What changed?

ME! My decision to grow my consciousness. My commitment to invest in myself and keep fighting for my dream, no matter what. Getting feedback and support so I could keep growing beyond what I could see for myself. Never, ever taking my eye off of what was the prize…

My full expression and being ‘used fully’.

Take me out. Put you in.

You said this was the year you’d get clear on your message and get out there more.

You said this was the year you’d give yourself permission to shine, and not hold back.

You said this was the time that you knew was yours to say yes…

But somewhere you stopped.

There are 3 things that will forever change you, and your success:

1- Yes is yes. When you say yes to your calling, to ‘be used fully’, to step into your message and find your voice, you will be challenged and stretched. If you stop, step back or doubt, you are no longer staying true to the yes. That self betrayal is more painful than breaking out of your comfort zone. Delaying, denying, questioning, being ‘poor’ and broke, are examples of the many ways you may be saying no when you’ve already said yes, and denying your own power and manifestations. Let your yes be a yes and do the work to stay in alignment.

2- You need feedback. One of the greatest detriments of being an entrepreneur is not having real feedback. Without feedback, you don’t have a clear view of what you are doing that may be pushing people away, diminishing your power and taking away from your credibility. You don’t mean to do these things, it’s unconscious, but we all have blindspots. That will limit your success and the impact you have. Let yourself get feedback from an expert, safe and trusted source, and learn how to harness your strengths and mitigate your liabilities.

3- You must invest in yourself and keep growing. If you are winging it or trying to do it alone, you will slow down your progress and things will be harder than they need to be. None of us are meant to do this on our own. Money is always available and you become wealthy when you realize that you are the best investment there is. Choose to always to pour into your own growth and expansion. Let yourself experience true prosperity when you stop saying you don’t have the money and instead take bold steps to get the support and training you need. Money always shows up for an authentic and aligned purpose.

Live your blessings and choose to believe you are worth going for your dream, no matter what!

It’s time for you to step into that which you long for. The reasons you haven’t done it yet do not matter. All that matters is where you go from here.

If you said this was the year for you to be clear about your message, build your confidence, get out and speak more, then I invite you to join us for Speak with Soul: Rock From the Stage. This is hands down the best training you’ll find to be the real authentic you on any kind of stage (including networking, video, and one on ones, as well as main stages and boardrooms).

You’re worth it! You are blessed too, when you let yourself BECOME all that you’re here to be.

George and I would love to have you join us and our amazing community of women and men that are saying yes as they learn to Speak with Soul.

Bless yourself and say YES to YOU!